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    Kodi Information Trailers no longer available?

    Currently running Kodi 18.6, but since even v18.x there seems to be no way to get movie and TV show trailers to work. What has happened. I thought it was associated with YouTube, but I have established a personal API and still no trailers. I can't find the real answer anywhere. Anyone out...
  2. M

    Unable to authorize trakt in Kodi Leia 18.6

    I’m unable to authorize trakt in any of my kodi Addons in Kodi Leia 18.6(had the same problem in 18.5). I was able to authorize trakt in kodi (Addons, my Addons), but trakt still not working in individual Addons. One or 2 Addons will display collection contents, but clicking on a show in...
  3. S

    Why is my Kodi Leia 18.5 so slow??

    any clue why my android box is now super slow? i just did a factory refresh , wiped everything off.. put on leai 18.5 and now when ever i go through the menus is supper slow, laggs, freezes... etc etc.. i only p[ut like one addon - whats going on here??? here is my log..
  4. R

    Half my addons are crashing KODI

    Is anybody else have a problem ?
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    How to download movies with Kodi

    If you have buffering issues while watching a movie, there is a simple solution. Using Kodi you can download the movie to your local storage, and then watch it without internet connection. Here is the tutorial: (URL removed by RavRob - Tutorials referring to infringing addons)
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    Nvidia shield and Kodi 18.5 audio device output greyed out

    I am using Nvidia Shield android TV with Kodi 18.5 and the audio device output setting is greyed out and the passthrough setting it is greyed out also. I have a Samsung HW-K850 that supports Dolby Atmos. So I have nimder of speakers selected as 7.1 and all the other recommend setting for DD+...
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    Problem with addons for new Kodi installatio

    I just installed kodi Leia 18 on my android box. As I attempt to add Ex**us Redux, at a certain point I receive a message that my internet is not connected, yet it is. I have had problems with my older Kodi installation since I changed internet providers, so I decided to install the newer...
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    Kodi 18.1

    For the the 1st 6Mo. my Kodi on Firestick worked fine. Now for the last 3 Mo. I can't get Best Porn Collect. or XNXX all I get is a Go Back Arrow, no movie clips listed. Can anyone help? You Jizz & Video Devil work ok. Help
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    kodi 18

    what do you turn on to get kodi to mark /check viewed episodes?
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    Why Bother With Kodi?

    There are many fantastic streaming apps out there for films and tv shows, they all look like Netflix, work perfectly, load instantly and the best ones are well maintained so why bother with Kodi? Try these and see for yourself: UnlockMyTV Ca**ouse Meg***D Ci***a APK (my favourite) M**ph...
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    Kodi "Win 10" No Loading

    Periodically kodi decides not to open and have to go through the whole deleted the guisettings.xml Re-open Kodi to establish new .xml but have to go in and change everything once again. I've even copied the existing guisettings and replaced the new .xml file details but system doesn't update to...
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    addon kodi on demand

    Good morning I have the Vu + Ultimo 4k decoder on which I have long installed the "Kodi" device. I can't turn the addon - Kodi on Demand - I can install it but when I try to open the addon it gives me an error. Can someone kindly help me?
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    Kodi promlems

    Hello: I have been having kodi 18.1 not working properly.. What , and who do I follow or how much? because that is usually the answer to almost everything at this point in this world. :) Let me know ASAP__ if you know what I mean....
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    Add-ons fo kodi...

    Hey Guys this is thomas. Can Anyone please tell me about the total add-ons that I will be getting with Kodi? My location is Oslo Norway. In addition to that will it be helpful if I want to stream other Netflix regions ? Kindly Suggest me some solutions :)
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    Kodi 18 Has a Severe Load Time and Freezes on Exit

    I have been using Kodi for a while now without any issues but as of last Sunday, it started having problems with long load times between menus. For example, I select a random video addon. I can then select the TV or Movies category and everything is fine up to that point. But when I try to...
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    Need a bit of help for Kodi service to share bookmarks among many Kodi devices

    Hi, I'm trying to write a Kodi service that will scan all the bookmarks.db from a kodi device and store all their contents into a common structure, the goal is to make a super bookmarks.db and store it on a shared local drive So all my kodi device will have access to it. Eventually it mean...
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    Help Decoding Error with Sport365 on Kodi (Android)

    I need help Decoding errors in my log from the Sport365 add-on. I have attached a link to the debug log below. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks! https://paste.kodi.tv/erecisofam
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    Question No sound on Kodi. Only a red speaker with X next to it

    Anybody else having a problem with sound on KODI? I have Leia and it worked fine until a few days ago. No no sound on any channel in any stream. I've checked all the sound controls on my system and all are ok, so I am wondering if somehow I inadvertently set something wrong in KODI itself...
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    Link To The Kodi

    Hello guys, I need your help, here in Brazil no one has yet, we wanted your help to run the link onedrive in kodi without their addon, as a direct link or equal to google drive With Google Drive Addon it opens with this command: plugin://plugin.video.gdrive?mode=streamURL&url= but we want...
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    Install kodi on my Amazon firestick

    I did a factory reset and put all the information in. I download the downloader and put in that information it started to download and the it said error connection lost. I have been trying to download kodi back on my firestick it was 17.6. They gave me both instructions on how to download but...