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    Korean TV (News, not Drama) and Korean movies - Recommended Add-ons?

    Does anybody have any recommendations for Add-ons to get Korean news and Korean movies? Not interested in drama TV. What I am hoping to do, is to avoid having to try every add-on. Hopefully your recommendations will narrow my search. Thank you, in advance for your time and efforts in replying.
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    Korean International Addon Fails to Install

    My addon fails to install. I am using Fusion/xmbc-repos/international. Then I try to install the Korean repository and it fails. I tried another country, like Lithuania, and that worked. But I want KDrama. What do I need to do?
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    North Korean TV Addon

    They only a broadcast a few hours a day, rest of the time they broadcast a test pattern. Any KODI addons available for it? Currently I'm watching it via this link mms://