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    Need Help

    I hope this is in the right place. I don't have a computer. I installed Kodi directly from my firestick using ES File Explorer. When I run Kodi, my firestick says, "The app is not associated with your amazon account." How do I get Kodi to run?
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    Not sure if this is posted in the right place

    But here goes... Ive been seeing a lot of posts on facebook about Kodi and how to get it. This post show up in adds where people are complaining about not being able to view certain show IE: Heartland which is on CBC. Someone even posted how to get Kodi and to download fusion. My question is...
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    h.264 and h.265 codec on Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, and Fire TV Stick 1

    AFTVnews has an excellent post comparing the Amazon FireStick 1 with the Fire TV 1 & 2 as well as discussion about h.264 and h.265. For those interested in these things, take a look. http://www.aftvnews.com/comparing-h-264-vs-h-265-video-playback-on-the-fire-tv-1-2-and-fire-tv-stick/ "In the...
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    1st start up

    not sure if Im in the right forum or not but maybe someone can help me.When I turn my mxq box on the 1st screen that comes up is google and there is no kodi symbol anywhere to get to kodi.How do I change this so google is not the first thing that comes up
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    45 sec wait between searches discourages searching

    Hello guys I was trying to find the answer to a question but was not sure which terms to try to find past posts about the same subject. I tried one set of words and had no results, so tried some alternative words, and it said I should wait 45 seconds... so I created a new post to ask the...
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    Kodi not closing/exiting on Android and Windows

    I have 3 android boxes, including Minix Neo and Nvidia Shield Android TV console. I also have a win 10 pc, they all run Kodi 16.1 and all have the same problem. When I press S to get the exit menu, and I choose to close the app, it freezes and never goes away. This happens all the time on all...
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    kodi on android box

    Hi guys I am new to this site. I would like to ask if there is a special build of kodi that works better on a quadcore adroid box or if there are any particular settings so kodi would run smoother on my box :):)
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    HD playback issues on MX Box

    Hi everyone, Probably a regularly asked query but couldn't find anything so here goes ....... I have a hardwired MX box running Kodi 16 which plays everything fine apart from anything in HD which comes with perfect sound but horrendous picture lag (not buffering just lag). I have changed...
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    New Amazon Stick?

    Has there been any news on whether or not the new version of the stick will still support Kodi?
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    I'm about to get slammed by a category 4 hurricane

    Please pray for us here in Central Florida. This mornings track takes the eye wall right against us at 145 mph winds. There may not be anything left of me when this is over.
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    How to just back up addons an favorites'

    Everytime i update my build it keeps putting my old build back in there all i want to do is back up my addons an favorites seems like i,m having trouble doing this i,m using xml back up any help would be great. thank you in advamce.
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    Need help please!

    Hi all so I have Ex**us I was looking for a show, found it but when I try and stream it I get a message saying no steams available. I also asked a friend of mine who has SA*TS and she looked for the show as well and told me it would not play for her as well. There are 9 seasons of the show. any...
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    Help please!!!!

    HI,just recieve my new klll box and to my surprise the apps dont show in storage unlike on my old kll box,only thing is there is asking me to do a factory set.im afraid to until i knows what exactly do it do.i check file manager and theres no source added even thou it looks like the fusion...
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    Mach tv plus

    Hi all, I have been running kodi for sometime, on several boxes, recently I purchased an nvidia shield, and love it. My friend has a roku stick with mach tv plus, and loves it, but its a pay service, reasonable but pay. I was wondering if kodi has an add on for the mach tv plus, payed or free...
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    How can I get rid of paid content ads on this forum

    Ads covering entire page. Ugly people, fat people, old vampire looking lady with no eyes, this stinks. It's only on this site I see this. Tried reporting 100 times for all different reasons and they still come back, they don't even go away. I'm on a Samsung galaxy android tablet, I will see...
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    Sale of Kodi 'fully-loaded' streaming boxes faces legal test

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-37474595 Not sure if this is correct place for this news story. Please remove if it is not.
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    tv show no play

    This is a pretty specific question but I don't know where else to post it. The only TV shows I've watched on Kodi are Roseanne and Last of the Summer Wine. The last episode of season 8 of Last of the Summer Wine onwards will not play on any addon. Does anyone know why all of the addons would...
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    Hi all!!!

    I download kodi 17 today and got addons and background i wants.but i cant figure out how to remove these two windows on the left side of the screen.heres the screen shot
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    I just read about what tvaddons wrote about pros and cons of builds frist let me say i agree..but what about if you use the addons inside the fusion source?what im thinking is get addons from the fusion source and getting one of the classics skin(star wars)and create my own build,lets say...
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    Shop owner being prosecuted for selling Kodi box

    Apparently first time in the UK - shop owner in Stockton in the North-East is going to be prosecuted for selling a Kodi box. Has anyone ever been prosecuted in America before? http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/14753446.Cut_price_TV_shop_owner_vows_to_fight_Kodi_TV_box_prosecution/