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    A Ray Of Light Is Back Shining Once More = TVA .

    I want to share my appreciation for TVA with everyone who is involved in this fantastic community. I have not bothered with Kodi for the last two years , because like many of you great guys I was forced to watch the utter destruction of my and other people’s fantastic hobby by a bunch of utte...
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    Has anyone heard of an update "common plugin cache" authored by "TheCollective"

    Has anyone heard of an update "common plugin cache" authored by "TheCollective" Is this a legit update that's safe?
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    Copy ******** History

    Hi, Is there anyway to copy my ******** watched history to a new Android box? I don't have Trakt installed. Many thanks, Steve
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    Twitter profile follow up

    Hi, I want to know Is this your official Twitter profile? https://twitter.com/TVADDONS Its been a long time and my request is still pending on twitter. Please accept me as your follower. Thanks
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    minimal required speed?

    Are a 4.5Mbps download and 2.75 Mpbs upload speed sufficient for kodi streaming?
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    just curios if a VPN keeps your ip address safe,how are developers being found out?
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    Resolution & Refresh rate

    I'm not strictly sure this is the right forum or even the right topic for here but, here goes anyway. One of my biggest gripes with Kodi has always been the quality of the picture. I'm not talking about the colour or clarity, I'm referring more to the quality of the 'moving' picture. In other...
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    KODI will not allow update of Netgear password

    I must change the password in KODI. I can enter the information, but when I click on the blue "connect button" nothing happens. I cannot get to the connect button on the screen where the new password is. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks
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    Tvaddons on telegram

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    is there a DVR android box

    Is there an DVR box? How can you record the streams to A DVR? Thanks
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    How to remove a movie from Favourites

    I am using Kodi 17.4 with the Estuary skin on a Nvidia Shield Android TV running MM os. I use a Rll android wifi remote control to move around and control the Nvidia and Kodi. I use the "C" button to drill down and bring up the context menu. I added a couple of movies to Favourites but when I...
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    Welcome Back

    Hello to one and all at TVADDONS it is really great to have you guys back in our corner(s).It feels so good with you guys at our back(s).i really missed this forum as it was a great place to visit as a non tech guy.I was greeted with the message that i had not posted for several weeks......thats...
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    nox player

    can we ask questions about nox player or bluestacks and ******
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    tried to donate $6 via a Vanilla Visa, 3 separte ways

    tried to donate $6 via a Vanilla Visa, 3 separate ways to no avail even though Vanilla confirmed the money is there
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    Need a bit of input from you

    Hi, My game is a mix of sudoku and battleship I have a situation that i have to exposed to you ,and I'm not sure on how to deal with it ... I have a boat of dimension 5 but only 3 free cells exposed it and 2 cover it up, This mean that you have to resolve 3 cell to sink it, that non sense...
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    everyone having a good day
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    THE Battle Sudoku game quick peek

    Hi, Comments or suggestions are welcome! For now I have reached 1/3 of the whole program Here is the main concept: - You will place your boats -You will choose the Sudoku opponents level ie easy, medium, hard, very ... it is the same for your opponents - you will have a certain amount of...
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    METALKETTLE (Thank You)

    Thank you for all the great addons you provided us,and it was a pleasure being apart of TVaddons with you! Enjoy your retirement,and once again thank you for over a decade of service and great addons. You will be missed,but not forgotten my friend.
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    can anyone help, I can,t get earthcam to work on kodi 17,please
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    xml requests '3' ? Somewhere ?

    Hi all, Would that be possible to open a new thread " xml requests '3' " ? Somewhere ? What do you think about it ?