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    17.4 update ?

    I've not heard anything good about it! Update to it or not that is my question?:(:(
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    I posted this in suggestion area,but figured it might be seen better here ,Is there a way to donate by PayPal?
  3. R

    Welcome back everybody

    Welcome back EB. We're glad to finally be back up and running again. Our admin did tons of work since the take down in order to get the forum up again better than before. Enjoy
  4. T

    What's left

    I think it would be a good idea for a place for updates on addons that are left/leaving/gone so we can keep our systems clean and up to date. I hate this is happening and thank those who provided us with great entertainment.
  5. M

    Cant download the indigo file from fusion server

    Hi, When i go to fusion server > begin-here folder, the plugin program indigo zip file is no longer there. Any ideas?
  6. J

    Idea for a new poll based on Einstein's definition of insanity

    poll the number of times people click install on the same addon before reality sets in, then ask if you clicked more than 5 times did you come here and whine, or ask an intelligent question? i am just kidding, lol. after reading all the hateful posts i figured some humor should come from them.
  7. Y

    Android box issue

    I just got this Android box already setup with kodi 17.3 worked fine for bout two weeks and now I can't get anything. It seems like I don't have wifi connection but I've checked and it's says I have good strength. Please help
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    netflix download possible in Kodi?

    I probably have misplaced this question, because I still haven't learned to isolate where the download feature is coded. I currently have Kodi, along with Indigo, and Ex**us addons on a Windows box, and have been delighted to see that beyond just streaming provider content, I can choose to...
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    My post not approved?

    Hi, I made a post about Ex**us and alternative to Ex**us and it not been approved any ideas why? Made the post late last night (UK) and it now like 4.10pm and still not been approved? How long does it take? Thanks, PJ
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    Message to Developers

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME people - keep up the GREAT work !!!!!!!
  11. B

    Kodi 17.3

    Hi can any one explain why play store Kodi app says it's 17.3 when you open from play store it's Jarvis 16.1 ?
  12. G

    Delete history in trakt tv

    How do you delete history in trakt tv?:confused:
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    Rookie trying to upgrade a firestick!!!!

    I have an unlocked Amazon firestick... It is running 16something Jarvis, I would like to upgrade it to 17.3. Do I go by the latest upgrade and do a factory restore? If so, will that clear out the app and I will have to install everything again? Any input would be helpful, I am semi computer...
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    KODI 17 FOR ANDROID 4.4 MyGica Media Centre

    Anyone heard of this ? As far as I know it is a clean fork of Kodi designed to work on older versions on Android. As far as I can tell it is a clean and safe but I am unable to test myself as I don't have a device to test it. I won't post a link, but it's pretty easy to find. Maybe a nice...
  15. B

    Download Pending

    Hi All, really hope someone can help. I have an android tv box (Nexbox A95X). I have been trying to update Kodi and all i get is download pending. I have cleared the cashe and data sections as advised else where, I've tried to update playstore and no luck there either. I am stuck as to what to...
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    Kodi 17.3 Feedback thread

    I'll start this thread, to see what others have to say about the latest version. I like to do this, before I personally install to see the issues others are having. Post your feedback and issues. If you have no issues post also. :)
  17. G

    Wrong video streams ...

    Some times a video movie / tv-show streams a different selection than the one expected. Why? What to do?
  18. O

    Krypton 17.2 patch (Did it work?)

    I saw the message when I turned on Kodi this morning, so this evening I went to the website, read the entire page, made notes of what to do and when, then tried to follow the instructions. The first thing that happened was that Kodi would freeze just at the point where it was about to shut down...
  19. B

    krypton 17.2 won't install

    When I opened Kodi this morning your message about a security hole said to upgrade to Krypton 17.2 to fix the problem. Following your instructions at the link you gave, I downloaded it and tried to install. A Windows pop-up said I need platform update KB971644 to install 17.2. That started an...
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    2 isues ive ran into when I upgraded to krypton 17 it wouldn't work so I went back to old version now when I try add sourse it says didn't work cause internet is offline how do I fix that anyone know