matricom gbox midnight

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    GBox Starstream X4

    Does the GBOX Starstream X4 pass True HD? I tried to use a file located here That has TRUEHD but is says unsupported audio. I do have the unit set to HDMI passthrough Thanks BR
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    Bug Gbox mx2

    having problems with the booting of the gbox mx2,I updated it to latest firmware 1.2.2 it still keeps getting stuck on the matricom screen is there something else i need to do in order for it to boot up properly thxs
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    G-Box Q + Optimal Configuration

    Hi guys, Isn't it time to start a separate G-BOX Q discussion, since the box has been out-there for a year now. I just purchased this box recently, (had ATV2 before, and another android box that served me well). On G-box Q, installed Kodi 15.2, and I have to say, I am noticing a strange...
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    how to install openelec on mx2

    here is how to install openelec on g-box mx2 (kodi 15.2) note before you get started !!! if you use your mx2 for anything other then kodi do not use this for it will wipe android from your mx2!!! here is things need,d #1 SD Card #2 The Zip file (...
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    Android Kodi backup to Linux Q box. Will it work?

    Hi All, Hopefully my question has straight forward answer. At present I am using a Mobie Dazzle Android TV Box, but have ordered a Q Box. I auto backup my Android Kodi on my Mobie Dazzle every week. Will I be able to use that backup to setup Kodi on the Linux Q Box? Many thanks for any...
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    My g-box Midnight mx2 thinks its a mobile

    I've had the Mx2 box 4.2 Jelly bean Dual Core Xmbc Tv box for 14 months now and updated it without hitch to TVaddons, downloaded various repositories and addons and it worked well for us. Sadly on 26th September 2015 Spo*ts De*il stopped working which was a matter of life and death to my...
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    Is there anyway to edit the G-Box Launcher quicklaunch buttons

    I have finally updated both my MX2 boxes to the 1.2 firmware. I have to say I really miss the 3D Launcher. But, I am pretty sure I will learn to like the "new"launcher except for one glaring issue. There is a huge "XBMC Media Center" button / icon that does nothing but kick me out of the...
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    Video Problems With Kodi 15 and 15-1

    I have both Kodi Version 15-1 and TVMC Kodi Version 14-2. I have no problems while running 14-2, but am experiencing video and audio problems when running movies or tv using Kodi 15-1. Initially I installed version 15 and I had pixelization of the video and the audio preceding the video. I...
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    Why can i not put Kodi 15 file over a file of kodi version 1.2.1? I have done the tooth pick, factory rest. It just reverts back to the Kodi 1.2.1 every time i put Kodi 15 on, also it will say at top of screen (swipe down from the top to exit full screen) OK never seen this before.PS; This a...
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    Just got my G Box Q Whats next, how do I update?

    Hey everyone, My G Box just came in. Set up was simple, however it is not letting me update my firmware saying it i have no internet connection. It seems this is a known issue dealing with the installer servers being down for a few months as some users mentioned (so much for consumer support...
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    Upgrade OpenElec and Kodi

    I have just installed Openelec 5.0.3 and Kodi 14.1 onto my mx2. These are the latest versions that I could find specifically for the mx2 but would like to install a later version of openelec and kodi 14.2. On the openelec website there is no "version" for the mx2. Can I install the i386 Linux...
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    Icon Issues

    I just added kodi to my mx2 g box and i use config wizard and when i restart my unit the icons on the home page under video and programs etc are missing ,,, how do i stop that from happening
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    My g-box midnight mx2 box picture not showing

    :confused: Hi guys, Hope you can help me, i reset my MY G-BOX MIDNIGHT MX2 BOX then installed KODI everything installed, but when i play a video music video , i get sound but no picture up on screen in everything i try out,movies in genesis pheonix sports etc, and i then loaded TVMC same thing...
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    gbox problem

    I have a gbox midnight. Every time I try to play a video in kodi I get a message saying external player is active, click when playback has ended. Yet it doesn't play???? having a hard time understanding what is going on. Any help appreciated.
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    Hi have a MX box from matricom was working good now stopped working it is frozen on matricom page with android in pic wont go past there just frozen. Does anyone know how to soft reset box or what can be done to fix this.
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    screen shots

    Hello, anyone know if and how screenshots can be taken on an MX2. I have checked the google store and they all seem to be for phones and tablets
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    No output

    I have G-Box by Matricom, one day everything went blank. There's Power indicated but no output. I tried changing hdmi cable, plug into a different input on the TV, nothing. I tried to re-install the firmware from their website using the toothpick method still nothing, it seem there nothing...
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    Version Firmware

    I can find out what firmware version on my G-Box Midnight MX2?
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    Now I have Kodi, where do I put my USB cache XML file

    I created an XML file to cache the buffer to an external USB slot and it worked fantastic. I updated my Gbox from XBMC to TVMC or Kodi whatever they call it now. and cant find or exactly remember what the path is where to place this file. If you know where to imbed this file let me know. Maybe...
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    Request MX2 Owner Opinions Changing from Android to OpenELEC?

    :)I would like to know personal opinions of consumers like myself who have experienced the switch from the original android software to OpenELEC....... I am SERIOUSLY Considering flashing my MX2 due to the constant issues I tend to have with software, performance, networking and storage. The...