music addon for kodi

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    find music

    Is there a way to find a certain genre and then find within that genre certain works? For instance, can you search for: classical, Beethoven, Symphony.... or any other genres?
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    Karaoke app

    It seems there's no Karaoke app that works.
  3. J

    MP3 Streams

    I have seen elsewhere that this add-on has been taken over by someone else so I put it on. However, as before, any stream only runs for 17 seconds and then cuts off. Does anyone know why this should be?
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    Music library help required

    Need a bit of help with cleaning up my music library. I'm running 17.6 on android I added my NAS source as upnp and ran a scrape but no album art came in and its all a bit of a mess really. ive now removed the source and also tried the clean library option under sys\ media\...
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    Pandora no sound

    Hello Forum I am experiencing problems with my Pandora repo, I can log in with no issues and see my playlist menu etc., but for some reason I don't get any sound has anyone else had this same issue and how was it resolved. Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.
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    Is the MP3 player finished? keep getting script error message when trying to use it. does not seem to be updated for quite a long time. Cheers Roy
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    Morpheus for KODI (DESI Music Addon).

    I am a huge TVADDONS Fan and been using a lot of Programs and Video TVADDONS on my KODI. However when I was looking for a complete Indian music addon on KODI or TVADDONS, could not find any so with my developer background and taking clues from your development posts I decided to build one. I...
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    Pandora spbogie 1.2.12 LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-8.0.2 Minix X8H-Plus ERROR

    [REQUEST] Pandora spbogie 1.2.12 Kodi 17.1 Librelec image I am running the latest LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-8.0.2 version and Kodi 17.2. Installed the latest Pandora by spbogie and put in my Logon credentials, but at logon it gives an error and that's all. I am running a Minix X8H-Plus...
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    Request Pandora cant login gets error - Openelec 8.0.2 (Kodi 17)

    After updating Openelec 8.0.2 and installing Pandora addon, gets Pandora error/fails and wont start. I thought maybe I had configured an incorrect password, but confirmed password is correct. Tried uninstalling - reinstalling addon but same problem. anyone else seeing this problem with Pandora...
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    I have a question about music

    I was told that the music I added that is stored on my computer would show up on the main screen in Kodi 17.1 under music section does anybody know why this is not happening at all and I have a debug link also:
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    Jango not working

    Sadly, Jango add-on not working on Kodi 16.x &17.x for a while now. Is this a dead add-on? Thanks.
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    MP3 Streams Installation Failed

    I just installed this on a firestick for my brother-in-law about two weeks ago and tested and everything worked great. Went to install on a fresh setup for myself and it now says "MP3 Streams Installation Failed." Now, I tried this yesterday so I thought maybe April Fool's or something. But...
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    Music Box breaks Kodi 17

    Hello all! New to the form and have done a couple searches for info on this but am probably searching the wrong words... I run Kodi 17 on a Qnap NAS under Ubuntu (16.4 I think) I've been fighting this issue for about 2 months and wonder where I go from here. I've installed Music box several...
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    Bug Mp3 streaming

    Love this add-on but I have a question when I try to go search for artists Ender top artists nothing comes up is this a bug or is there something I can do to fix it ???????
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    Need help with digitally imported addon

    The other day I had to refresh my kodi (17.1) and when i re-added DI it wouldn't play anymore and would say could not find playlist, has any one encountered this or know how to fix it
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    Radio addon isnt working for me, am I doing something wrong?

    I tried playing my 3 most favorite local stations that I listen to on a weekly basis, none of them work. Theres not much in the settings I can change around for something to work differently. What am I doing wrong? This add-on
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    mp3 streams

    I'm using 16 .1 Jarvis default settings my cash set at 500 k the stream will open but only play for about a min then go to track 2 am I missing another setting using android box.
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    Request MP3 Stream favourite songs not playing

    Hello, first time poster here, I'm having problems on MP3 Streams with favourite songs not playing, everything else works fine including fav. albums. If any one could give me any insight about the issue I would appreciate it.
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    just dicovered YouMusic

    I just discovered YouMusic. To whom it may concern: Thank you,Thank you,Thank you!
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    Musicbox help

    This is a great add on but when I try to listen to music I get a germon man talking. Can you please help.