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    White Label MyGica S805 and S812 TV Boxes

    For those of you that need a tv box you can rebrand to your own name or looking to get the same MyGica tv box hardware at a reduced priced you can checkout the links below. Be advised that the remote and bulk packaging is crap. The black ATV387 comes with a white remote. Some one must be color...
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    MyGica ATV586 Android TV supports native Digital TV (DVB-T2 or ATSC)

    Internet TV and Digital TV gets finally merge together to the first Android Hybrid TV box, a real powerful and easy of use platform for all Free to Air digital TV. Based on Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat), as well pre-installed Kodi (XBMC), youtube, Netflix, hulu and many more, the MyGica ATV586 does...
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    MyGica ATV1900AC and MyGica ATV586 TV Boxes now available on sale

    Thanks Mr Radoslaw's post. We have good news for all waiting impatiently for the availability of TV Boxes MyGica ATV1900AC and ATV586 model. On Geniatech Facebook there is information that both models are available and to purchase them belong contact through email address: [email protected] Why...
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    MyGica ATV1900AC Powered Box Runs Android 5.0 Lollipop

    MyGica has launched a new Amlogic S812 quad core media player that should be one of the very first to run the full version of Android 5.0. It comes with 2GB RAM, 16GB internal flash and fast connectivity options with a Gigabit Ethernet port and 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO. The Android 5.0 Lollipop...
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    My Experience with MyGica A520E Dual Core

    I have been loyal to my trusted ATV2 and they have served me well, but with the end in site for this workhorse of a box, I ventured out to see what will be my replacement. My first stop was the Mygica A520E. I started off the day running xbmc 12.2 frodo (comes packed with it) and was...
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    XBMC 12.3 LINUX for ATV 510X and ATV 310M

    Here is the latest XBMC Linux 12.3 for the ATV 510X and ATV 310M This must be loaded using an SD Card or USB Storage Device through the Recovery Screen. Which can be accessed by using the Reset button on the bottom of the unit. MiB)
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    XBMC LINUX 510X and 310M Firmware with SD Card as External Storage

    Thanks to Justin from MyGica forum for posting this. Please find a Beta file of the ATV 510x and ATV 310M, which allows you to have all your video, program add ons etc stored onto an External SD Card when installing them for the first time. This will free up a lot of memory on your 510x/310m...
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    Thanks for the MyGica contest

    Firstly I would like to thankd Eleazar-Coding and the mod team for putting on such a great contest. I have used a Jynxbos and a tablet in the past but this ATV 310M seems to be a Lnux based box and I know very little of Linux. Once I receive it I will surely be looking for some info on how to...
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    Mygica Android TV Products

    As a regular viewer of everything Modi, I am curious as to why there are no threads regarding the Geniatech Mygica Android TV products. I have been a Modi tester for a little over 18 month's, currently testing on a Matricom MX2. Well my University aged daughter came home for a visit a couple of...