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    android XM V

    i have an old android XM V i have been experiencing some problems, home page does not show any more and when i finally get some addon, i start watching a series or movie and i only can watch it for a few seconds and it goes back to where the squ**** MBOX, well i dont remember what it says, and...
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    Nexus Player cannot play videos

    Hi there, I am new to Kodi. I have it working on a small PC and it worked so well that I bought a Google Nexus Player to use as well. I followed the step by step instructions to install Kodi via this site and configured it using the tools on here. I made sure to turn off the MediaCodec...
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    Nexus player help

    I have a white bar on the top of the tv screen. It has 4 or 5 sets of numbers and letters in the bar.It is about 3 inches in width.Any one know how to get ride of it.It is there with any app I use with the nexus player. thanx
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    Linux Deploy Issue - No three vertical dots or other buttons to click on

    Hi there, If this is the wrong forum to post this, I apologize but I am trying to find the fix to this issue and have had no luck. I am trying install Linux Deploy and I have a Nexux Player 6. I read the EXPERTS ONLY guide to enabling Java in Android and I first noticed I was going to have...
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    developer options

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone got the 'Don't keep activities' and background process limit to save after every restart/unplug. Mine always resets back to default but I'd like it saved to No background processes because it seems to help the box run smoother. Switching back from kodi and other...
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    Laptop vs. nexus player?

    Hi...I am new to this but have been streaming Kodi to my tv from my laptop via hdmi cable for quite awhile now and it is working just fine. What would be any advantage to getting a nexus player (other than no long HDMI cable)? thank you so much. Crystal
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    Kodi not working on Nexus player, Help please.

    Hi, I've just bought a nexus player for my mum as I thought it would be less complicated than some of the other android boxes available, I'm in the uk and my broadband is with BT, (currently using a minix x8 without any problems.) I've loaded Kodi onto the nexus from the play store, I have...
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    Any news of a 2nd generation Google Nexus player?

    Just picked up the google nexus player at Target for $49.99. It seems to run Kodi better than the Firestick. Havent had numerous lock ups. I was just wondering if Google was coming out with a new one since it was heavily discounted. I hope they add a port for wired ethernet.
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    Kodi add ons on google nexus player not working

    Hi, I use kodi on google player and although it is buggy it works satisfactory most of the time. However as of 2 days ago no addons are working: Pri**wire, SA*TS, ustvnow. Everything however still works fine on my old - still functional install of kodi on apple tv 2 ( which personally I still...
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    google nexus player compatability with" smart tv"

    Hello to all,wondering if anyone else has the problem of nexus player constantly going on and off every few seconds when connected to so called LG smart tv. When connected to regular LG tv in different room works flawlessly. Tried rebooting player,tried rebooting router,tried disconnecting...
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    fix the sub menu problem with the nexus remote step by step 1 down load file to computer 2 (nexus player) go to google play install es file explorer and air share 3 open air share select pc/mac sharing/ gen unique browser 4 type in url on pc or mac/ choose file you...
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    Sony Google TV

    A friend of mine have Sony Google TV and wanted to install Kodi or TVMC. I tried to help him install but whatever I do, it will not install. Any guide is greatly appreciated.
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    Just installed Kodi on Google NEXUS

    Just did the install on a new NEXUS TV and it is great. The instructions around the web where mostly incorrect but it was easy to figure out. Most dealt with prerelease devices. Step 1. Setup the Nexus Step 2. Go under apps and allow unsigned programs. Step 3. On a computer go to the PLAY...
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    Anyone tried nexus player yet?

    Reviews weren't so much bad as they were...disappointing, I guess? I'm just curious to hear if anyone on this site actually tried one? The general feeling elsewhere kind of makes it feel like a wip for the next gen. But that might make the price drop so I'm curious as to how itb runs xbmc...
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    [HOW TO] Install Kodi on Google Nexus Player Using Nothing But Your Phone or PC

    [HOW TO] Install Kodi on Google Nexus Player Using Nothing But Your Phone or PC & NP Kodi is very stable for Android, it’s amazing!
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    The Nexus Player works with external storage and USB ethernet

    Androidcentral have just updated Nexus Player review and tested external storage and USB ethernet with both working
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    Oct.17th Pre-orders

    Hopefully lots of questions will be answered when they open up for pre-release orders. Pretty sure that it being wi-fi only is a deal breaker for most. Too many devices running wifi nowadays in households will only hamper performance if you're trying to stream quality content even with a good or...