nvidia shield

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    Nvidia shield and Kodi 18.5 audio device output greyed out

    I am using Nvidia Shield android TV with Kodi 18.5 and the audio device output setting is greyed out and the passthrough setting it is greyed out also. I have a Samsung HW-K850 that supports Dolby Atmos. So I have nimder of speakers selected as 7.1 and all the other recommend setting for DD+...
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    Help nvidia shield

    Hi all Can anyone help? Everytime i install an addon on kodi to my shield they work fine,but when i return to kodi they have gone. Thanks
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    Kodi 17.6 connected to Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar

    Can someone please help me with the correct settings in Kodi so I can get Dolby Atmos sound from my Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar. Everything is connected by hdmi and as directed by the Samsung manual.
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    fire stick vs Nvidia shield?

    I'm wondering if anyone has both a fire stick and Nvidia shield and can speak to the performance differences of using Kodi on both
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    NVidea shield tv

    looking for a bit of advice I've now got a shield tv and due to the limited amount of memory I wanted to now what type of additional storage option would be the best option for Kodi, class 10 SD card or a USB3 external storage I option? I'm not a serious gamer just looking to use...
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    Is SPMC Better Or A LOT Better?

    Just go the Shield recently. I know what you're going to say, "Set it up and try it out for yourself!", and to be honest, I probably will at some point, but I'm also interested in what you all see as the biggest benefit. I really like Kodi V17 and the Estuary skin and I understand that that...
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    Nvidia Shield K1??

    Glad to see the hardware section back on tvaddons.co, I am sure it won't be long before it's busy........:rolleyes: Any way, back to my query. I need a new tablet, (Android as I do not like the Apple restrictions..), but, as I am travelling a bit, would also like to use it with Kodi connected...