1. W

    ac adapter 1amp or 1.5amp???

    i need a new ac adapter for my ouya was wondering if the output is 1amp or 1.5amp???
  2. G

    Kodi on ouya??

    I am trying to upgrade from XBMC to KODI on my OUYA but I am having problems. I am able to download KODI no problem but when I try to install it I get the message, There Was A Problem Parsing The Package. Am I missing something here? I have been out of the loop now for the past 4 or 5 months so...
  3. O

    ouya box wont power on

    got my friends ouya box that used to power on from time to time ,now it wont power on at all , not power supply as I tried my power cord ,my cord works fine on my ouya ,any ideas ?took ouya apart everything looks ok , anything I can do to get power going again
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    can u power on ouya box from controller ?

    can u power on ouya box from controller , I have to hit button on ouya box itself to power it on , can u power it on from controller , if so how ?,I googled it couldn't find anything ,know u can par controller to box ,but like to know if I can power it on from controller
  5. S

    Ouya sold

    Gaming company Razer has acquired the software of the Android microconsole maker Ouya. Ouya had tried to bring Android gaming to television. Now, Ouya’s accounts, controllers, games, as well as its technical and developer relations employees, will become part of Razer’s gaming system, Cortex...
  6. D

    Some problems with a fresh install

    I gave my parents an Ouya some time ago, and they really like it. Haven't done anything to it in a while so I decided to upgrade them to 14.2 and give them some of the newer addons and tweak it a bit for them. Decided it would be best to just do a factory reset and a fresh install for them. Now...
  7. W

    Ouya Kitkat

    Does anybody know an easy way to install android 4.4 Kitkat or 5.0 Lolipop on an Ouya console ?
  8. L

    Search Keyboard no letters, numbers or symbols

    When I started SPMC 14.1 today but when it started the home screen had changed from the blue/purple/white KODI screen back to the older XBMC screen with blue/white colors and bubbles. System version says I am running the KODI 14.1 version though. When trying to search for something using the...
  9. K

    OUYA Flash root through CWM recovery?

    So I rooted my son's ouya yesterday. Had to do it manually because none of the one clicks seemed to work. This was mostly so he could have playstore. So while I was at it I installed CWM. Root & CWM both worked but the one thing we wanted, playstore, force closed on launch. More reading...you...
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    5.1 surround setting with Helix

    Would someone please tell me the appropriate settings for 5.1 surround sound using Helix. Do we still need to unplug the hdmi and replug it in to get the surround sound? Also when watching a video and opening the audio setting the volumee and amplitude is grayed out and can not use. What do we...
  11. L


    The company put itself up for sale today! http://fortune.com/2015/04/28/exclusive-gaming-startup-ouya-needs-to-find-a-buyer-quickly/
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    do u guys run ouya version of helix (tvmc) or android version

    i chose ouya version but comes up as tvmc what do u guys run?
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    ouya ac adapter looose?

    if i move the ouya power turns off. i dunno if its adapter or the actual ouya . where can i get another ac adapter and or what size is it ?
  14. L


    Can you use a iphone as a hotspot to run kodi on a ouya? thanks LB
  15. F

    OUYA not available

    I cannot find an OUYA in target stores anywhere Have they quit selling them? :confused:
  16. L

    Sideloaded app not showing

    I just sideloaded Spmc 14.1.1 but can not find it in Make, Play or Discovery?
  17. L

    KODI 14.1.1 nor SPMC gives 5.1 surround sound

    I am using a Ouya to pass through 5.1 to a Bose v25 HTS. I supports almost all codecs; DD, DTS, Dolby True HD, LPCM 7.1(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bose_5.1_ho..._systems).*In Kodi I have HDMI AND 5.1 speaker configuration. Passthrough is enabled and have DTS decoding enabled. BTW, I do have...
  18. J

    Shortcuts Disappear?

    Hello, I recently updated to Helix 14.1 and love what it does but have ran into the issue where my shortcuts are disappearing. I am running the default skin and go in and set my shortcuts (Genesis, MLBMC, etc.) and everything is fine. I shut my Ouya down after watching and a couple times now...
  19. R

    How to improve Ouya poor WIFI signal

    First, you will need a jaibroken iphone. Then go in cydia get MYWI tethering app. I use to get good signal with a lot of buffering, now I get excellent signal and no buffering. I am using an old 4s iphone.
  20. D

    Adding Android Apps to Favorites?

    I was trying to get something set up for my brother's setup. I installed Netflix on his Ouya (apparently XBMCFlix doesn't work on Android) and I can access it in XBMC through Programs--->Android Apps , but I am unable to any and android apps, or any program addon for that matter, to the XBMC...