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    Any WiFi bridge reccomendations??

    My wifi sucks on my Ouya as most of you guys, I tried a 200mb Netgear powerline adapter but that didn't help either... But when I plugged in my laptop to it via Ethernet then the internet was great! Thats not a good looking long term solution though so does anybody have any Wifi bridge adapters...
  2. C

    Ouya help?

    I've done my own and my daughters ouya I'm on Ethernet and she is on wifi some movies will work on mine from a source but the exact same one won't play on my daughters,does it have a time limit for it to work?ie the wifi doesn't stream as quick then doesn't stream at all,if so is there a way of...
  3. K

    Ouya cachecleaner

    Does anybody else use the cache cleaner app for ouya When done running this app and I fire xbmc up again it's back to first run status My question is Is this ok to use every so often and are there any downsides to using this Sorry for noob questions still have lots to learn
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    Replacing the Librtmp file on OUYA

    Hi all Has anyone replaced the Librtmp file on their OUYA? if so how do you do this? Thanks Chris
  5. S

    Problem with Sporting Streams add on - PY ERROR on start up

    I have been using my ouya without any issue but now suddenly, I can't seem to get sporting streams add on working here is my log file http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=115612 - There is some mention of xml file error? if you can help me that would be good. Thanks
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    The Ouya and XBMC Skin subtitles

    Is it just the Ouya or do skins for XBMC normally not have the Subtitle Features in the skin. For example I am using the xTV SAF skin and I cannot find an option to use Subtitles. I watch alot of Foreign movies so I use Subtitles often. Any help would be appreciated. TIA
  7. D

    Official xbmc remote

    Hi does anyone know if the official xbmc remote works with xbmc on the ouya? Thanks
  8. C

    Ouya isues when watching anything over 1 hour

    Hi all I have been reading that there is quite a few issues when watching movies etc that last more than an hour on the OUYA? Has this been ironed out??
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    The offical XBMC App for OUYA

    Will be getting my OUYA very soon, so cant wait to get started. Just a quck question, i have read the offical XBMC app for OUYA has problems with sound licences etc so most people are using SBMC, so i was curious. On the offical version that has sound licence issues, does this mean none of the...
  10. T

    NHL Gamecenter

    Does anybody have gamecenter side loaded and working ,if so what version ...payed for it would love to be able to use it on my Ouya
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    OUYA Game Console wifi vs. ethernet (whats best for you to use)

    Looking for your feedback amd experience
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    On the verge of ordering a OUYA - just a few questions

    Hi all I have been asking a few questions on here about what android box to buy, basically all i want is to be able to run XBMC smoohtly, watch sports, movies in HD etc. Just a few questions id like to ask if i may, probably basic but i just need to get my head round a few things before i...
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    having some problems

    Some problems I will have script errors happen & I be watching something & it just quit & go back to the Ouya main menu & I have did a fresh restart before & still have problems & is there another Xbmc to get other than the one in the Ouya version
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    [how to] volume control for xbmc on ouya

    After a year of differing attempts to manipulate some sort of volume control for my OUYA, I am pleased to report I have a little trick/mod that will provide you the ability to add true volume control to any remote, or controller, hooked up to your OUYA GAMING CONSOLE (For XBMC ONLY). If you see...
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    Killa sample on a Ouya

    Has anyone tested the Ouya with the "killa sample". I would like to see a video and have a review. http://www.avforums.com/threads/what-is-a-killa-sample.1208201/ TomHung
  16. C

    Having Hard Time Recently With Add-ons on My Ouya ?

    Hello I have been using my Ouya for a while and love it however recently I am having more difficulty with add-ons such as 1Ch**nel and Ic*f*lms. I used to be able to grab a movie and find a link fairly fast and play with no issues. Now however many links give errors and many buffer more so...
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    Advice for Stable 3d playback?

    Hey all - currently running Gotham nightlies on my Ouya. Wasn't sure frodo supported 3d so went the nightly route. Last two evenings of nightlies have resulted in constant crash to Ouya Make screen desktop - happens when I run with libstagefright on and mediacodec off, and also happens with...
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    Usb Headphones ouya

    Would usb earphones work with an ouya?
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    Anyway to get ac3 in the store version of xbmc?

    Hi, So i setup a system with the store xbmc and posted it to a friend. Now theres no sound in Ic*f*lms HD, wich im guessing is because of the missing ac3 codec. Is there anyway to merge spmc with the store one? Or is there an easy way to get ac3 working without reinstalling the whole thing?
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    What remote?

    Hi all I'm thinking of getting an Ouya in a couple of weeks but I would like to operate it with a remote as opposed to using the pad that comes with it, so what remote works best with the Ouya?