1. X

    Mele f10

    Hi all, Based on advice here I have purchased a mele f10 pro although am wishing I had bought the deluxe as it would have replaced my TV remote also as it has IR support. Can any1 confirm? Secondly, is there a way that I can use the headphone jack. This was a key part of my decision to buy...
  2. B

    Storage space error

    Hi firstly I love the little fella but recently,and it doesn't matter how many times I reset to factory settings ,it keeps coming up with storage space running out when it shows 5GB free.I only use it for Kodi nothing else.I have ES file explorer on it are they're files in there I have to...
  3. R

    Use a PC or a MAc to control an Ouya ?

    Hi, I will like to help few of my family members It would be nice that if there is a way so I can use my Pc or my MAC, to remote control their Ouya in order to update XBMC or Kodi or to install some addons on their Ouya. Thanks Regis
  4. J


    There used to be an add-on which carried MLB.TV on the Ouya, but unfortunately it is now gone. Is anyone aware of another add-on which carries this service? I am a paying customer and just would like to access the content (they also show a free game a day for non-paying guests!) Thanks.
  5. C

    reset ouya or just xbmc/kodi

    Not sure if this is the right forum but here goes/ I have two ouya's one for each tv. They both run off of wireless, one is about 10 feet further away from the modem then the other. I am having trouble with the one that is furthest, I'll call it 2. I don't think that is the problem though. We...
  6. W

    ouya alternates remotes???

    Is there any other remotes I can use I'm getting tired of the controller timing out and shutting off
  7. W

    kodi wont create a shortcut???

    Gotham creates a shortcut in the browser section but kodi won't????????
  8. K

    Towelroot version 2 roots new update

    Just thought I'd share after spending a long time trying to do something I thought was easy. Trying to root my son's ouya that was updated to the latest fw I went through various methods (most of which was me not being familiar with the console). Anyway, I found thru much trial & error I that...
  9. K

    Help with "RootMyOUYA" app

    Finally got around to setting up OUYA. It was a bigger hassle than I thought, but probably read too much prior about how easy it is...it took awhile to realize adb wasn't enabled because I saw it under dev options, but then later saw the other screen with adb--on/off and adb WiFi. That took so...
  10. Z

    what can the ouya do

    question i have does the ouya do 7.1 surround sound. i currently have a chromebox with 7 tb harddrive hooked to it. i can get the 7.1 but i have to change the audio settings in xbmc. but then when i watch other things i have to change the audio to fixed. also can you just plug harddrives into...
  11. X

    Ouya vs Pi vs other

    Hi, Advice please. Hi all, Been an XBMC user for approx 10 years and am currently using a Rpi for my main viewing and a laptop for when I'm on the road. I have been looking to get an Ouya for multiple reasons, mainly the performance increase against a RPI. Is it that noticeable? The RPI is...
  12. T

    Airplay mirroring on ouya.

    That's something, as a lot of xbmc user, wish was implemented as is, in xbmc. i know that they won't add it because it's not open source. i tried different ways to go around it ,but it still sluggish, at best. Any ideas? And is it okay to discuss that here?
  13. K

    Holiday deals on OUYA?

    I considered buying one for myself a few weeks back but just couldn't justify it. I don't play a lot of games anymore and got more kodi devices than TVs. But I was surprised in a good way when my son asked for a ouya for Xmas! Both targets in my area had none in stock. Toys r us--same thing. Are...
  14. W

    which ouya version has updated wifi?

    Is it the black 8gb or black 16gb?
  15. C

    About Xbmc on the Ouya

    what is the newest version of Xbmc I can get because I have Gotham 13 right now
  16. T

    What apps/ addons do you use on your ouya?

    Hi everyone, i was wondering what apps / addons you guys use on your ouya... Mine as been dedicated to xbmc, so besides autopilot and root explorer, it's pretty much empty. As far as addons, i pretty much only use Genesis and the radio addons... they never miss. i used to use sport devil but...
  17. M

    HubWizard not apprearing in program add ons after fusion install.

    I'm in the process of updating my OUYA to the new version of fusion. I did a fresh restart and now have the default xbmc layout with zero plugins/addon's. 1)I did the http://www.tvaddons.co/fusion-installer-kodi/ tutorial with the new .ag and got everything correct. 2) Now when I try and...
  18. K

    Should I buy a OUYA?

    I use a fire tv in the bedroom, an rpi in the living room, and a htpc in the basement/workout area. Tonight I saw a Ouya at target for 80 bucks. That's the best deal I've seen on a new one so far. I'm definetly intrigued. I've kind of wanted one for awhile and when I sold atv2 it lost out to the...
  19. B

    chickcharney update problem

    Hi i need someones help the new update as stuck my box into an update loop,anyone else got this problem,i am bleeped off big time,the box was working perfectly before hand.
  20. W

    is there gotham specifically for ouya?

    I downloaded the Gotham version from this site. Ouya app section within Ouya only has frodo Was wondering of there was a specific gotham just for Ouya if so how to get it on the ouya.