1. H

    can you speed up xbmc

    is there a way to speed up xbmc on ouya such as a fast boot to bypass all the ouya programs? it seems to be running slower than usual. I am running xbmc 12.2
  2. R

    Gamecenter app on Ouya keeps crashing??????

    NHL Hockey has been tough to watch so far this season but a new Gamecenter android fix came out yesterday and I have it working on all my android stuff except the Ouya. Installs fine. Starts in phone view and as soon as it starts switching to tablet view the app crashes back to the ouya menu. I...
  3. N

    PIA/VNP not working anymore?

    Can't seem to connect to PIA that past 2 days just keeps saying reconnecting, my account is correct and working as it works on PC just won't connect on ouya anybody else????
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    How to upgrade xbmc on a ouya

    Hi I know someone that will like to upgrade xbmc on his old ouya box Can you describe to me what he need to do to successfully upgrade the ouya bo? Thanks Regis
  5. C

    I have a question about Black Market Alpha

    I have a question about Black Market Alpha and 1 Mobile Market I have installed or installed both I could scroll down but I was never able to select anything what could be the problem with either of this programs
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    Had ouya for a year now,should I upgrade ?

    Has it become outdated?
  7. W

    ouya vs amazon fire tv. speed /stability who has both of them??

    I have Ouya. Currently I find it very stable and speed is decent compare to other Android boxes that I have had that would glitch and freeze. I was wondering for those who have had both how is the amazon fire box for speed and stability
  8. T

    Anyone tried latest Kodi release for android?

    Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone tried the lasted xbmc, kodi, and if you felt it was better / worst or just as the latest gotham built. My Gotham is working pretty good now but for some reason I have a lot of subtitles that are offsets, and it's kinda long to load movies... wondering if I'd...
  9. S

    Librtmp.dll file?

    where would I find the librtmp.dll file on the ouya? and how would I replace it with the latest one? I am trying to update it for Spor**dev*l. lots of my Spor**dev*l streams don't work right now.... thanks for any help.
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    I have a question about Xbmc and Ouya

    I have to put Xbmc on a Ouya what version is recommended to put on there
  11. H

    Mele F10 pro & Gotham

    Looking for help to get the back button to work in Gotham with my mele f10 pro. Was able to easily program button in frodo, but in Gotham it doesn't recognize this button. Anyone with first hand experience that could help me out?
  12. R

    SPMC on Google Play!

    Has anyone tried the SPMC released on Google Play? I have it installed but have not had a chance to set it up yet. Just wondering if anyone has any feedback on it. I sideloaded it as my Ouya is not rooted and got the apk from the semper site.:)
  13. T

    Super Favorites addon

    Anyone is using the Super Favorites addon? I set it up on my Ouya. It is very slow and takes around 4 seconds to display the Super Favorites with 3 folders and 10 favorites distributes in 3 folders. Are you getting similar delay?
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    How much better is the Firetv?

    Hey all, I have an Ouya, and as we know it's working great now that all the bug have been adressed. My only problem is that I have a Huge library, about 10k items there, and it is somewhat slow, to load the library, grab the streams etc... The same library is really fast on a 5 years old...
  15. C

    I have a problem with the Ouya

    I have a Ouya running Beyond Xbmc & it auto boots into that program but I have a problem now the Controller Lights will flash but will not cut on at all what do I do about this
  16. F


    Anyone used a Flirc with the Ouya? I'm thinking of getting one. My main drawback is the conflicting information I have read about using it with the Ouya. Is it (after programming it) just a case of plug it in and off you go, or do I need to ROOT and change keymaps etc? I'm not interested in...
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    I have around $100...

    Would Ouya be my best option for this price? I'd really like an minix x8 but what's your opinions? I know some people don't like Android for there to box but what is the latest greatest? Thanks all
  18. L

    Gotham 13.1 skipping/stuttering issue??

    Hi, on my gotham 13.1 I've noticed on 1080p content that the video doesn't seem "smooth" on continuous scenes, seems to skip a frame or stagger for a millisecond, I didn't notice it on my previous gotham 13.0 version... has anybody else noticed this (is this a known issue) or have any advice...
  19. P

    How To Safely Remove External Hard drive

    Hi there was just wondering after you have connected the EXT HD where do you then go to safely remove it from the ouya? many thanks in advance people
  20. R

    XBMC crashing randomly back to the make menu

    XBMC on my Ouya (which runs great on 13.1) just started randomly crashing back to the Make menu yesterday and has done it numerous times today. I read that the same thing has been happening on the AFTV. Have any other Ouya users had this happen or is it just me?