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    XBMC - External USB Loading Issues (Freezes & Crashes)

    I have a 2-TB WD External Portable Hard Drive (My Passport Ultra) 3.0 USB connected to my OUYA. I currently have all my media in my hard drive (games, music, photos, movies, videos) and using XBMC Gotham 13.1 to run all my media. The problem I am having is when I am playing a movie on XBMC from...
  2. L

    OUYA How do i update from Gotham 13.0 to 13.1 Stable?

    Hi, How can I update from Gotham 13.0 to the june 13.1 stable release without losing my current addons/settings? A step by step for dummies would be nice :)
  3. C

    Ouya keeps logging me off

    Over the past couple of weeks the Ouya keeps logging me off while watching tv. Is this something to do with the latest update? Or with my account?
  4. S

    Cloning - sort of…please help

    So, I have an OUYA and a second one I gave to my parents (elderly). We started on official, but I then got Gotham and got everything I wanted, on Gotham, to work great and smooth :) So, I installed Gotham on my parent's one, but it appears I didn't install the same version as I did on mine…so...
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    Store XBMC and PS3 BD Remote

    Hi After the recent update from Ouya I'm now using the stock XBMC install from the store which now works perfectly with my AMP and DTS/DD etc The issue I'm having though is that the keymap for the PS3 BD remote is pants especially the back button that takes you to the home menu from wherever...
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    Ouya and Power Off Options

    Hello everybody... I have a question that I ve searced thoroughly and can't come across any solution,at least for Gotham edition... is there any skin available that can power off Ouya?to clarify that Ouya is rooted... In Frodo Edition this could be done,with Confluence Modified (SpaceMonkey)...
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    Ouya and using a dongle

    Many apologies if this has been covered already. I am out in Turkey with a brand new Ouya box and a dongle. My question is. Can this work as opposed to a wi fi or Ethernet connection? If so folks could someone explain to me how I get a connection, I'm currently trying to do this with the...
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    have a question about an email i got the other day

    I got an email the other day from xbmchub & it said the was an update for Gotham & says goto this link:http://bit.ly/OoSDAh & when I click on the just says how install Xbmc but never says anything about Gotham & a search on the website never came up with anything on Gotham either
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    FPS on Gotham

    Was wondering if anyone else was having the issue of a significant decrease in frames per second using the Gotham build? Running SPMC I get between 50-60 fps but on the Gotham build it's around 30. Still works fine with Gotham but def notice a difference when streaming HD content. This is all...
  10. D

    Ouya USB keyboard

    Hi guys, I am having issues with my box, for the last couple of days I have been stuck in an update loop. I have contacted Ouya support for some support (pretty useless) and they have suggested I purchase a USB keyboard to solve my problem. I previously installed a Mod collection and this as...
  11. J

    Help with remote for ouya

    Does anyone have the map keys for this remote or am I just wasting my time with it. I know it's just a cheapade remote, just was hoping I could get it to function good with Xbmc on ouya. Works good in Gotham for a bit but then seems like the remote keys stop working or changes what it's...
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    'Use Limited Color Range' option on ouya?

    hi. would anyone happen to know if this option is available on the gotham v13 version of xbmc on ouya. you can see it here on xbmc http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Settings/System#Audio_output but i can't find it on ouya. thanks.
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    Hi chaps, had an ouya for 3 days now and I'm struggling with it tbh, I am new to all this and xbmc, ( which is what I am trying to get my head around ) I have tried to download the xbmc hub wizard and follow all the steps, but when I get to step 11 open the hubwizard-beta it isn't there? So I'm...
  14. J

    making multiple favorite folders?

    Question - in 1Ch**nel, Project Free T.V., N*vi X... When you save shows to your "favorite" list, can you make more then 1 favorite list? (IE. janes list, franks list, kids list) instead of ending up making one giant massive favorite list? AND could you make sub favorite folders in each of these...
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    Where to buy a ouya?

    I have been thinking about buying a ouya for a while now. I really want one and decided to go for it. Where is the best place to order a ouya from?
  16. H

    Ouya Issues

    Sorry I'm new to this so not sure if I'm doing this right. Have been having issues with my ouya haven't been able to watch anything consistently since Saturday. I click on a provider it starts streaming a show and then a couple minutes later it kicks me out. Anyone else having this problem...
  17. B

    tv is dim after installing XBMC on Ouya

    Wondering if I need to change a setting. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  18. S

    Ouya and FTP

    Ok I know this has been discussed before to some extent but here's my problem... Am setting up another Ouya I've had laying around and am wanting access to it via ftp. This Ouya took the latest firmware update and for some reason will not work with ESfile Explorer like my other Ouya. I've...
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    1 ouya issue

    I have my ouya setup and running great with Gotham (rc1). I use autopilot to boot into Xbmc directly. The only issue I been having is waking up the ouya from sleep mode. Xbmc runs fine but when I try to play a link I get constant stutter/jerking. To fix the issue of stutter/ jerking of video...
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    cannot even get gotham to download onto ouya?:

    hey peeps, so ive used firefox on my ouya, got it rooted etc... and had no issue downloading 12.3 right to my ouya... so i go to the main website, click on arm, for the android, it says downloading and it never ever shows up in my download section on the ouya...can someone tell me why that is? i...