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    USB Hub makes my Ouya crash... Ouya launcher has stopped.

    Hi all, I have an Ouya with XBMC and I'm using an USB Hub in order to have an external drive (for my music) and the usb dongle for the melee 10 remote. I'm using one of the latest Gotham nightly and everything is working fine if I don't use the HUB. If I use the ouya controller with the...
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    My ouya is dead

    I've been using my ouya for a while but last night it wont turn on i plug in to different outlet still no luck, i turn off and on million times and no luck, the fan is not spinning also any ideas?? thanks in advance.
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    Copy XBMC from one OUYA to another OUYA

    I am wondering if anyone has a simple (outlined for dummies) (me) description of how to copy from one OUYA to another? :confused: I am in the blank on the how to's as far as opening folders in FilePWN and,or, copying folders, I put in a flash drive but no idea how to command PWN to copy to...
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    Volume turns off on its own, date changed to random day

    Title kinda says it all. On a couple of occasions my ouya has decided to mute itself. I eventually figured out to go into manage/settings/advanced/sound. Then adjusted it back up. The date has also changed itself on its own which led to a constant error message when I entered the play menu...
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    Goodbye Ouya?

    http://www.engadget.com/2014/04/02/amazon-announces-android-powered-streaming-stick/ http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CX5P8FC/ref=amb_link_1?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=gateway-center-column&pf_rd_r=0BAH7DCB86S1Q8207XE6&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=1770051702&pf_rd_i=507846 Amazon launches Fire TV, an...
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    ouya uk users

    Hi is there anyway you can set the ouya to 50hz other than 60hz or will they be a update before I have to sell my ouya,thanks
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    Context menu not working in Gotham? Help?!

    Hi guys, I'm currently running SPMC using the Mele F10 Pro remote, configured using Umouch's generic.kl config, and everything has been working perfect for months. I've installed the latest Gotham beta 3, just for testing etc, and I've just found the context menu button doesn't work! Anyone...
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    ouya box

    just got an ouya box done all the right stuff to get it going """""""""""""""""""""" but everytime i try 2 click on a ling to watch something it seems to show for 1 sec then reboots itself ..... ive also got an apple tv 2 witch it dosent any help plz plz plz
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    Need some help with powered 2tb hard drive

    I know this has been covered a bit but searches bring up dated results that may not be relevant I have a 2tb powered external hard drive with multiple partitions. The main partition is formatted to fat32. If I connect while powered on it is not recognized. If I plug it in while off then...
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    Got a ouya big mistake

    Got a ouya for xbmc had a nano cyclone slim mistake don't buy a ouya unless for android gaming trust me got a ipad 2 nexus7 PC and a laptop and 152 mb broadband the ouya can't play streams without a slight stutter tried everything and every xbmc for ouya what a waste of money .
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    Simple D-Pad Remote

    Looking for ideas for a basic D-pad remote to use with XBMC on Ouya. Currently using the F10 Mele Pro, which is amazing but dont want to wait 30 days for another one from China, and dont necessarily need the keypad on the back. Has anyone found a remote that would resemble something like the...
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    FYI: OUYA on sale

    Ouya is $30 off on Amazon today. Sale price $69.99. Just a heads up in case someone is thinking of buying b
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    Ouya first impressions

    Hi all Set up the ouya and have a few concerns that I hope you guys can help with . 1- pass through. - I've installed the standard ouya xbmc and also spmc. I think it's set up ok as I get multi in on the amp on spmc but sound isn't as crisp as from raspberry pi on same movies which display DTS...
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    How to edit XML files?

    How can we edit XML files
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    Is rooting essential?

    Hi all Just got my ouya and yet to set up. I'm looking at the issue re surround sound and understand there are different xbmc versions to combat this. To load these alternative xbmc's does it need to be rooted? I'm just going to use the box for xbmc and the very occasional game (hardly ever)...
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    OUYA Changes Even More

    Ouya is relaxing its limitations on game developers in a bid to bolster support for the Android-based microconsole. In a blog post, the company says that it will soon allow developers to release games that lack a free-to-try component. To date, all games for the console have been required to...
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    Ouya . USB hub & wireless keyboard

    Hi Was thinking of getting a powered usb hub for ouya not sure what you think is best one? Was looking at a Rii N7 wireless keyboard for xbmc (want one that works straight out the box). I have read it can cause issues with the normal controller... Although I'm not sure how - something like it...
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    So I'm very excited to announce that my setup is FINALLY COMPLETELY UTTERLY DONE, WORKING, & FANTASTIC. I was recently blessed to receive an xbox one for my home media setup. I connected my OUYA to the XBOX One's HDMI INPUT. This enables me to have my XBMC integrated into my XBOX's U.I. The...
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    Sound Issue with Ouya (non xbmc related) and Surround Sound

    Hi all Can anyone help here - I am losing all hope on my problem. I have an Ouya which is all fine - have XBMC all set up etc etc. I decided to invest in a surround sound system. The surround sound is the new Philips wireless sound bar system - basically you detach the sides and you get...
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    Ouya hardware out of business?

    Read on a website yesterday that ouya is officially out of the hardware business and will now only focus on software!!! Anyone else read this or hear about it??