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    Advice please I'm thinking of getting a ouya

    Hi all Per title , I'm thinking of getting a ouya for full 1080 films . I currently have atv 1 and 2 and a raspberry pi which I've not long had so I'm tinkering at the moment with the help of you guys on the raspberry section. Would you recommend a ouya and is it easy to set up xbmc etc? I'm in...
  2. C

    I am having some problems

    At first I was using the XBMC in the ouya store & that was not working good me so I was told to use the Program SemPer Media Center. Now I am having some problems A lot of the sources don't work you get a Script Error & sometimes there is not that many sources at all & right now Ic*f*lms is not...
  3. S

    Ouya + XBMC Question

    I have the Ouya and I side loaded XBMC Nightly version (froyo kept crashing), the nightly is much better but every now and then it does crash. I am using one of the addons for movies; example Yify, just wondering it only displays 8 movies at a time in the list. Is there any way to increase the...
  4. D

    OUYA 8 GB -- Good enough for XBMC?

    Hi guys.... I've been waiting for an OUYA to pop up around my area for sale and I think I can get a used one, under 2 yrs old, for $50. Problem is I'm unfamiliar with the item working with XBMC and wonder does the 8 GB pose a problem? I wouldn't think so, but want to know. Will there be...
  5. T

    How do you get a stable XBMC on Ouya?

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to get a stable XBMC on ouya for the last 2 weeks and kind of getting desesperate here. I've restored the Ouya to factory setup two dozens times, re-installed everything, tried dozens of configurations but no matter what I do I end up with freezes, crashes to...
  6. R

    OUYA 16gb Matte Black WIFI better?

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the new 16gb black OUYA and it's boosted WIFI? I'm one of those that experiences the in and out wifi of the 1st gen OUYA and unfortunately it's not in a location where I can use ethernet. Thanks in advance!
  7. J

    Got an ouya1, 1 gig memory, a few q?

    Ok so i sold one of my decked out og aptv 1's Got a pre owned ouya1 for $75, and it seems pretty good, streams pretty decent considering the ethernet is only 10/100, So can i add more memory? Is wifi crappy as ive heard? Do the newer ones have gigabit? Not sure how to hack this for...
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    Hello I have just moved over to Ouya from Nano slim + but have one big problem

    Hello I have just moved over to Ouya but have one big problem Hi guys happy to be hear and must say I'm happy with the speed I'm getting from the Ouya box I have only had it around 6 hours but at least 4 of the hours have been pulling my hair out. I have looked in this part of the site and...
  9. T

    where is skin.confluence?

    Hi all, I've had some issues with 'artist downloader' using SMPC 1.2.41 and Aeon Nox 4.9 and I wanted to overwrite the 2 files in confluence skin as explained here http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add-on:Artist_Slideshow. The thing, I don't have the skin.confluence in my...
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    OUYA or Android

    My Ouya is an Android based (as all are) device. My question is this; When I use the Hub Wizard, should I select OUYA or Android? They both seem to work but I am hoping that someone can explain why one is better than the other? Thanks guys :confused:
  11. H

    My Solution to XBMC SMB stuttering

    I've been struggling with streaming via SMB on my LAN since I got my Ouya. Based on multiple speed tests I knew my wired connection was fast enough, but still had tons of problems with stuttering video, drop frames, and video kickouts, and watching a video over SMB was impossible for me. My...
  12. O

    Is OUYA XBMC/SPMC any better with NAS?

    So, I got an OUYA and getting it to run nicely with XBMC/SPMC has been an uphill battle. Part of the problem is that I have 2 Vantec NexStar USB Hard Drive Docks, each with 2 3.5" drives plugged in (I have a lot of stuff :-). In order to get the OUYA to even recognise this setup I needed: Buy...
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    how big can USB drive be to record with?

    I bought a 1TB usb drive and the Ouya can't see it. I got the recording to work fine on an 8GB stick. does anyone know how big I can go? I hate to buy a 128GB stick only to learn it won't work either.
  14. W

    Eternal Hard Drive not seen by Ouya, Help

    So I had an older computer that I was only using for parts. It had a hitachi 250gb HD. I got a drive enclosure and formatted it. First in NTFS and I put a bunch of Roms for games on it. I plugged it into the Ouya and it was not seen. I saw somewhere that it is better to have it as Fat32 so I...
  15. K

    Credit card info ?

    i just got my quya stuck at credit card info ... is this for real or wut ?
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    audio problem on Ouya

    the audio on all my HD links sound like dribbling a ball bearing. I don't know how else to describe the sound I get but it is very annoying and that is all you can hear while the video plays fine. SD links are not a problem. might my problem be with a codec? if so, how do I add the codec...
  17. H

    Video freezing at night

    When ever I use the xbmc on my ouya during the day it works perfectly but at night it constantly freezes from what appears as a slow stream. It is connected directly to my router with Ethernet and when I check my speed on the router it is ok, anywhere between 15-30Mb / sec. Any ideas on how to fix
  18. T

    No CEC anyway on Ouya :(

    yeah yeah.. I better moderate before you misunderstand and me flame read post 7 or the whole thread:eek: From lastest firmware update notes: THIS IS JUST BAD SUPPORT! They promised it before launch. (OVER A YEAR AGO). Amazing hardware. Marketing/developent/support not so good or safe to say...
  19. P

    AC3/DTS Issue

    Does anyone know whether they are looking or are likely to obtain these licences? Such a good piece of kit, but let down big time for this issue.
  20. C

    Ouya and XBMC ?

    I have been using my Ouya and xbmc for some time now and love it. However recently I noticed that when I start xbmc it no longer starts right away but bounces me into what looks like the install page for it and now I have to hit play within that page for it to start. Not a biggie but I am...