pivos xios ds

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    Kodi 15 update

    Ok I'm fairly new at this. I used the configure wizard to try and update to Kodi 15 and it stayed at 14. Do I need to do a fresh start then use configure wizard? Or am I doing it completely wrong? I tried on Linux Thanks in advance...
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    XIOS DS Optimization? (Android)

    Hello, Is anyone still using their DS (M3) without issues? If so, do you mind sharing your setup? I have followed Pivos' instructions on how to "optimize" the Android version -- I am not really interested in converting to Linux, because I'm not really knowledgeable -- but I am still having...
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    Tvmc for pivos

    Does the new tvmc for android work with pivos xios DS? Can't seem to figure it out...thanks
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    Tofu linux How do i get WIFI

    How do I get into Wifi settings to connect with a DS on tofu?
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    Tofu Linux (kodi 14.1 based) M3

    This image has the firmware checks removed and runs on mygica 510b very very well' If you try this it is at your own risk all that has been done is the checks have been removed. A number of users have been Pm'ing me asking for this, so I'll give a link and leave you all to it...
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    Request Updating Pivos XIOS DS M1 Build

    Hi Guys, I have one of the original Pivos units (M1) and would like to update it using TOFULinux firmware and Kodi. From what I've been reading, I would need: 1. update to TOFULinux from the Pivos Group website 2. load the Kodi software from the TVaddons website However, my problem is that...
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    Kodi/Helix 14.0 on Pivos

    Can somebody confirm this works better than Gotham 13.2? I heard there were issues with buffering with Kodi 14.0 on the Pivos. I'm setting up my new Pivos I just bought a few days ago and are running 13.2 with all sorts of freezing issues so I want to see if updating to 14.0 will solve my issues...
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    Can I install Kitkat on a DS media player? If so where and how?
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    Addons disappear

    I have the Pivos ds. Twice my add ons just disappear. Gone . Have to add them over and over. Sure is weird. Running Hydra. Has this happened to anyone else?:confused:
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    Looking to Update my Pivos M3

    What is every one using for their image now ? Is the Hydra image for Gotham 13.2 the best out there :confused:
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    Storage SD Card and XBMC

    So I have a 16gb sd card inserted into my pivos and whenever I try and boot up my pivos (using Auto Start or Startup Manager) I need to put in a delay to allow the pivot to read the memory card in order to access my user data is there any way I can speed up this process or do I have to use the...
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    Hi all I am currently running xbmc on a pivos xios with linux on it version 12.2 I believe 13.1 gotham is the latest version of xbmc correct? I tried following steps to updating to 13.1 but it is still 12.2 Would you be able to direct me to a good step by step guide on how I can go about...
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    Help! Pivos Xios M3 is toast!

    I need help with my Pivos Xios. I have tried 3 different operating systems and also restored back to factory settings. The machinge continues to reboot regardless. A friend who has much more computer knowledge than me suggests that it may be the hardware. I need some advice. Is this machine...
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    Ipazzport kp810-10btt xbmc hub wizard issues

    I have this mini bluetooth keyboard running on everything but my pivos xmbc hub wizard. I running the confluence skin and can not get the bkuetooth dongle to pair pivos w keyboard. Any help? Would be appreciated. Thank you
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    Linux - the-hydra-xbmc-XIOS-Linux-M3-frodo-12-3-20140423

    Linux - the-hydra-xbmc-Linux-M3-frodo-12-3-20140425 Aftermarket Linux Firmware - the-hydra - Release M3 - Frodo 12.3 - 20140425 XBMC Linux Firmware Release #: the-hydra-xbmc-Linux-M3-frodo-12-3-20140425 Revision Date: 20140425 Release Notes: - Merged xbmc Frodo 12.3...
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    Just Got a Pivos XIOS DS!

    hello, I have been all about RPI and Openelec combo forever. I ordered me one of these devices to see how it matches up and it came in the mail today. what is the correct, most smooth running build I need to install on my micro sd card, I got a 16gb. please advise, hope the build boots right to...
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    Brand New Pivos out of the box wont take Linux flash

    I have programmed dozens of boxes, but the latex box (brand new) wont turn on once I change the operationg system to Linux build. It is just a black screen. Is anyone else having the same issue?
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    Airplay only streams audio when using hub wizard setup.

    When I flash the box with Linus XBMC from the build on the Pivos forum, I can totally stream using Airplay with video and audio. Once I prep my box using hub wizard, Airplay only streams audio. I was using Youtube on my iPhone 4S with the latest ios on it. Anyone have any suggestions? thanks
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    Addons Not Working

    Hi all, So I noticed the other day that many addons like 1Ch**nel, proj free tv, and Na*i-X were not working for me. I get either script errors or results coming out blank when I know for a fact they were there the day before. I am currently running linux on the pivos with xbmc 12.2, is there...
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    Missing Files

    When I go to System/file manager/fusion or **** up I cannot find the File (VIDEO) therefore I cannot setup some programs. or configure them.How do I get all the files?