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    Python Version 2.1.0 could not be satisfied.

    Hi After installing Matrix, I had issues so I decided to do a clean install. When I tried to add the fusion zip file I get the message above about Python. Can you help?
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    Pass URL link into Youtube plugin

    Hi all, I have made the following code that pulls links from a Youtube feed, but the feed provided is in .swf format and Kodi can't natively play that. How would I pass this into the Kodi Youtube plugin as I'm assuming that addon can play those types of files? I don't want to use most of the...
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    Question How to get url contents and add xbmcgui.Dialog().select

    Hi, I using Kodi 18-Leia on Linux. I want to creat and run a python script. The script must do the following. Example URL = 1- Get example url contents and show in select dialog window (only filenames) 2- Select any item in dialog select window, download...