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    Review Install OpenVPN server for Kodi TV on a raspberry Pi

    Download and install Raspbian Stretch (operating system - OS) on the SD card of you Raspberry pi. See https://howchoo.com/g/ndg2mtbmnmn/how-to-install-raspbian-stretch-on-the-raspberry-pi Nice software to burn the Rasbian OS onto the SD card, is Etcher (https://www.balena.io/etcher/ ). Insert...
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    Unable to play TV using PVR IPTV Simple Client

    Hello. I'm using RaspberryPi 3 and Kodi v17.3 I installed PVR IPTV Simple Client. I followed this article https://www.techviola.com/2018/03/M3U-playlist-url-kodi.html?m=1 and links provided there http://bit.ly/2C3Pv5K After I restarted Kodi ... it loaded around 3000 channels. They are nicely...
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    Request Timeshift service for Rasppbery Pi 3

    As says topic - looking for any app/service/service to realize timeshift (+1, +2 hours) with two-three IPTV channels. Preffer FOSS ;) Already have up and running TVH 4.3 but there is only timeshift acting like "pause to open a beer" Any suggestions are welcome.
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    Rasp.pi won't load uP

    I have three raspberry pi's and none will boot up. I have reprogrammed the cards with libreelect and o***.and. They start some will load to formatting and load files and then freeze.libre elect loads to libreelect screen and freezes .At the top it says 20.0294571 MMl watchdog bug soft lockup...
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    Correct cachemembuffersize

    I have an rpi2 with a SanDisk Extreme Pro 8GB SD, strong WIFI signal and overclock set to modest. I stream mostly with SA*TS/Cas**way, buffering is not too bad execept for HEVC whcih judders a lot but I'd like to get the most out of my pi and heard about Easy advanced settings. I've been...
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    How can I get a faster load of movie posters/thumbnails?

    I have my RPi2 hard-wired. We have 155/20 internet speeds. However, no matter what the add-on, it seems slow to load movie marquees/posters/thumbnails. We can navigate around just fine. It also doesn't seem to matter if they've loaded before. I'm assuming I need to do some type of better...
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    rpi2 + wed-dl video

    rpi2 + web-dl video Last night I tried a web-dl stream (W Dead, s06e01 via Al*uc) and there was no picture or sound just a rotating graphic onscreen. I'm checking to see if the rpi2 can play this type in case I'm missing something. I'm running openelec noobs 5.0.8 on the pi with 252gb gpu...
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    Display webpage in openelec

    I would like to be able to have a screensaver or even a direct launch link to see a webpage. What I would like to see is the "live attacks" webpage from Norse ( http://map.norsecorp.com ) Is there a way to see that webpage in openelec on a Pi2? Cheers Stew
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    kodi install

    So what the best OS to install on my Pi2 to run Kodi and watch Hockey?
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    Kodi 15 + RPi2 & Mac OS X experiments re video buffering

    Occasionally I get video stuttering/buffering issues on my 2 systems when streaming using Kodi. So I did some experiments to try and understand and this is a report on the results and conclusion for my case. (1) The 2 systems I have are a) HW: Mac Pro Desktop early 2009 (4,1)with 2...
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    USb WiFi Recommendations

    I have a Rpi B model running Opnelec connected to a BT Homehub 5 Which wifi USB adapter can you recommend that will work straight out of the box with the Pi and connect to the BT Hub 5gz network. Ideally I'd like a USB WiFi with a antenna to help with range. Many thanks
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    HD video lot stop each 5 min for buffering

    How I can fix stop lot buffing each 5 min on HD video only.
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    Rpi and video playback

    Hey, I have an rpi 1 b+. openelec is installed through berryboot on a usb flash drive, and loads and handles fine. I wanted to use the device to stream episodes, but have not been successful for the most part. Two ad dons (genesis and 1.channel) are installed along with maintenance tools (to...
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    Raspberry Pi zero

    Am I late to this or is it old news by now.? I just found it I thought it might be a joke-5 bucks? How's that even possible?!! Pimoroni - Raspberry Pi Zero
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    F10 mele pro

    Hi I've just bought another f10 to use on my pi2 I've got one on my minix box and it works fine but using it on the pi the keyboard is fine but most of the buttons on the mouse side don't work, have anyone got a keyboard xml file for it please
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    Raspberry Pi vs Wetek openelec vs Wetek core

    Salut a tous, Je cherche une box tv pour installer openelec/android. J'ai déjà chercher sur internet e je voudrais savoir votre opinion sur ce sujet: - raspberry et moins cher mais si on na acheté la boîte pour mettre la raspeberry, la telecomande, etc, c'est presque le même prix que une box...
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    Help with HDMI audio and soundbar on my Pi2

    Hi Guys, I'm in the process of building a small home theatre , and am using my Pi2 with Isengard as the media player. The problem is, I need better sound but can't afford a 5.1 system (yet). So I'm looking at getting a 2.1 soundbar. Question is, how do I set it up with a Pi? -Does the Pi go...
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    Orange Pi

    Just took a punt on an Orange Pi. It packs a quad core running at 1.6mhz, a fair chunk faster than the raspberry pi2. I'll let you know when it arrives and how I get on!
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    Streaming suddenly stopped on RPi 2 using OSMC

    I was happily watching an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine last night when suddenly all streaming stopped. I've tried on multiple different add ons and it just won't work. I have an Amazon Fire Stick in my bedroom running Kodi, and it's on the same network as the Raspberry Pi, it works totally...
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    Rasp pi 2 major issues

    Recently purchased the pi 2, previously had the 512 with no issues but wanted the upgrade. This new one is causing major issues corrupting the micro sd on every reboot. Each time it's turned off or restarted it runs a check disc error and fails to fix so I run fsck -fy /dev/mmblk0p2 entered in...