raspberry pi

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    ssmall stutter in playback video files

    Small question: Running OE on Pi overclocked and I got a small stutter in playback video files, any idea?
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    Update to Gotham open elec

    I am wanting to update from frodo to Gotham on my pi. Open elec. How do I do this? Thanks Sent from my Samsung Galaxy s4 on Three
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    Error with add ons

    I am a noob using the raspberry pi. I installed fusion, then installed hub wizard, then xbmc addon browser, when I try to install anything else it gives me a error. Here is the link to the log file. Thanks in advance. http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=143996
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    Power Supply for WiFi Dongle (Edimax) connected?

    hello, I am trying to find the best power supply that will be strong enough to run a RPI with a edimax wifi dongle connected. the power supply's below are listed in order by the ones I tried first, number 3 is the one I am currently using. I have tried the brands below some work fine on one RPI...
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    Audio Stutter/Glitch

    During playback of films and music every 1 sec to 5min depends on what part of the movie (music etc), Driving me crazy to try to fix it.. I was 3.20, Just recently updated to 3.2.4 Is it a known issue? Many Thanks in advance :D
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    Audio pass through ??? How do I set this up?

    Hi I'm very new to the raspberry pi scene and I am not very knowledgeable yet so please humour me if what I ask is daft. I have my model b set up using noobs, connected via a hdmi cable to my Denon amp model avr 2113, then from the amp to TV using another hdmi .I have a 5.1 set up. My pi is...
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    connecting Pi with pc using Filezilla

    hia, Can someone plz help me with the connection between my Pi and my computer. I used to have it working but had to reinstall the software, so now it wont connect.
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    New movies are not updating

    Hi, I have OpenElec XBMC installed on a raspberry pi and everything is working great as far as watching movies, videos and tv shows. The only problem I'm having is the when I add new content to my external hard drive, my movie list does not get updated even though I have "scan for new content...
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    additional python library "pytz" openelec

    How do I install additional python library "pytz" on openelec .I want to install it; which are orders streams.magazinmixt.ro/ro/modules/wiki/w...sp_xbmc_streams.html
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    Pi restarting when trying to connect to network?

    Seem to be having a recurring problem - hope you guys can help: I've installed Raspbmc from a 8GB Class 10 SD Card with NOOBS installed. Using a New IT USB wireless adapter. Initially, had it all working fine - however, restarted the Pi, and I no longer had internet connection. I went into...
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    99% off all addons script errors

    hi guys, i have a rasp pi xbmc. and 99% off all addons i will get script failed addon....... i formatted the sd card installed the newest openelec installed all the addons again and still i will get script addon errors can you guys help me out here. i attached the error log below...
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    Ralink 5370 Chipset keeps dropping on pi

    My pi which seems to run fine on lan drops the wifi net work at random times on wifi. Reading into this it seems other dongles have this problem as well and its a power saving problem on them. Does any one know if there is a fix for this chipset? I see that for some chipsets people have written...
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    Infra red (ir) receiver which one?

    Hay guys I'm getting a logitech harmony one remote as I'm fed up with the amount of remotes I have!! I'm running xbmc on my R-pi and I was wondering which ir receiver should I be looking to get or do any of them work? I think I would prefer a usb one but I suppose any could be looked at...
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    Openelec screen blank

    Hi lads and lassies, my old USB died , I was using whufclees method of xbmc off a USB. Bought a new USB stick and started again. When the pi boots up I get the openelec splash screen saying official openelec 3.2.3 then the screen goes blank. Any solutions?
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    Wifi dongle lagging

    I bought this wifi dongle http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-EDUP-EP-N8508GS-USB-150-Mbps-Wireless-Wifi-Mini-150M-Network-Card-802-11/885787366.html But it keeps just dropping connections and I cant watch any stream as it stops for 30 seconds and then works for 10 seconds and dies...
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    Upgrading from PI to NUC

    I'm thinking of upgrading from my pi to a nuc.I have linked artwork on my NAS to my pi,is there anyway to copy these links when I upgrade to the nuc so I don't have to go through linking each file again.
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    Raspberry pi freezing in idle

    Hello I am running openelec (marchrich image) on my rpi but I am having some issues. When its idle for a while, the whole system freezes. I cant do anything beside power off and on via the psu. I have tried several PSU's so they are not the issue here. I googled the problem and found this...
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    PI heat s up along with the usb attached to the pi

    my pi is powered by samsung s3 charger and seems to be heating up significantly along with all the usbs attached to it. any thing i should be worried about ?
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    Advice thinking of getting raspberry pi noobs edition

    Hi all I'm thinking of getting a raspberry pi b model with noobs sd card. Am I right in thinking this is basically plug and play once you select either raspbmc or openelec for xbmc? Is there anything else I need to know? I want something cheap to play 720 stream football which my atv 1&2 can't...
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    Boot OpenElec or ScummVM

    I currently have my RPi running Openelec with XBMC on a USB Stick and all is great with no problems. I only found out yesterday that thr RPi is also capable of running ScummVM which means I can run the old adventure games I used to play years ago (Moneky Island series) Is there an easy way...