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    Kmedia not working on my kodi/osmc in raspberry pi2

    Need help. on my kodi Kmedia was working so nicely and from last 5-7 weeks just not working, says configure . can some one from fourm kind enough to help as i enjoy all 3D movie in that add on. kind regards
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    No openings

    Hi guys yesterday pi stopped working tv or film I get as far opening stream but it does not been going for 2 years .some times get message to check logs thanks for any help
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    Pi2 and streaming issues

    Hey everyone! I got a raspberry pi 2 not too long ago and I'm running openelec on it. It's at 14.2 helix version of kodi but I have issues. It's connected to a wired connection and had 70 Mbps when I did a speed test with it and I'm in Canada but when watching Pho*nix or genesis I get more...
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    Wireless failure

    Hi guys, need help with my annoying problem. For some reason my wireless won't stay connected and I have to manually reconnect it over and over again because my wireless keeps dropping on the Pi. I am using openelec and a tp-link usb wireless adapter. I have tested 2 different wireless adapters...
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    Can't ftp/ssh help

    So I have openelec 5.0 and I want to upgrade to the new build of izanguard. I use to be able to ftp with AndFtp app on my android phone. I had to do a factory reset and I never set it up. The last week I been trying to set it up but now I'm not able to establish a connection. I'm able to ping...
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    Rpi2---> PVR addon On (Vu+) = Blinking HD channels

    KODI: ver: 5.08 Skin: Ballo Device : Rpi2 Add-on : Enigmá VU+ Hi, I have everything setup and working great bar the fact that when I stream a HD channels from my STB to my Rpi2 it blinks (hope I am explaining this properly) every 30secs or so. The sound remains but it looks like the picture...
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    Raspberry Pi keeps restarting Kodi / TV addons - Please help!

    Hi all Sorry if this thread in the wrong group. Starting tonight, my Raspberry Pi B+ has just started restarting Kodi and TV Addons each time it's about to play a movie or to show. It navigates through the menus just fine, it's just when it's about to playback. I've rebooted the pi from cold...
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    Help connecting to RP2 from outside network

    I have my pi2 connected to an EXT HD which hosts my video files. I run OPENELEC 5.0.8 and i would very much like to be able to access my videos from outside my network (if I am on holiday for example) I have a noip account but am not sure what to do with it. I have a TP LINK W8960N router as...
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    Openelec 5.0.8 for RPi2 not working

    I have been on 4.2.1 for the longest time with no issues. Since I was still on Gotham I decided to update. I tried to have Openelec update it's self and that was a no go. Not a big deal I downloaded the 5.0.8 image for RPi2, formatted the sd card, unzipped the img and wrote it to the card. I...
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    Over clocking rasp 2

    Hello,what and how does one over clock this rasp2 at a safe level.Is their a config file someone has or should i use leopold repo to adjust it .what are you guys and gals using for settings? Thanks Peteman
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    remote for raspberry pi 2

    What are you guys using for remotes on your set ups.I do have a mele f10 pro..Do i need a file to install for that one. Thanks peteman
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    Best Case with Fan for Raspberry pi 2

    Hello guys, I am in search of a new Case with a fan for my Raspberry pi 2 , i do have the regular black case that comes with the package, i am doing the overclocking mode to it. heatsink has been order but i was looking for a case with a fan as well. So this is the big question, what's the...
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    Raspberry pi 2 questions

    I have raspberry pi 2 i just got. and i just installed openelec 5.01 Kodi 14.1 it cam preloaded with those versions. does it matter if its kodi 14.1? or should i upgrade? if i upgrade. which versions should upgrade to? other question? is it best to install plugins one by one like say Ic*f*lms...
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    Need help with install, Error with mount_flash

    Alright guys I'm trying to install openelec on my raspberry pi 2 and its driving me insane. Doing a disk image install on my sd card works flawlessly but I am trying to install openelec with my sd card as System and my usb thumbdrive as Storage and it keeps giving me mount_flash error while...
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    Raspbarry pi 2 questions vs gbox mx2

    Raspbarry pi 2 questions vs gbox mx2 which one runs better smoother? thank you
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    Raspberry pi 2 questions about them

    How does this Raspberry pi 2 work? do i need to put this together? or can i buy it together? if not how hard is this to put together? it runs linux? and can i keep upgrading this? like when they come out with say kodi then now they have tvmc. can i use a usb wired mouse with this? thank you
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    Bug Need you guys to test something

    {Fixed}Need you guys to test something I have 2 RPI 2 and I'm having the same issue with both, I asked Blaze, but he also does not have a solution other then what I already tried to date Those of you still using OE 5.0.8, I need you to install if you do not already have 2Movies Addon by Blaze...
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    Copying setup to multiple Rpi2 boxes

    Super newb question alert! I have 3 Rpi 2's. Once I get one box running with openelec, kodi, tvaddons, can I simply copy the sd card data to the other SD cards and then pop those in the remaining boxes? Or does the install process write to the Rpi2 hardware and thus requires setting up on each...
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    Crash on pause - Raspberry pi 2 - Genesis

    Hi there, Have been using by Raspbery PI 2 with OSMC on the latest version with Genesis, and it all works perfectly, apart from when paused for longer than a few mins, the entire system crashes, and the only way to get it back is to reboot the Raspbery PI. In terms of hardware setup, i'm...
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    HDD constantly running up

    Hi, Running a pi2 using openelec 5.0.8 at the moment. I have a 2tb hdd connected via USB (75% full if this helps), this seems to be whirring away loudly as though it is always being accessed by the pi. If I shut the pi down the HDD drops to its standby mode, and when the pi is back on the HDD...