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    can one update kodi with out sd?

    Is it possible to update kodi on a pi with out having to use a sd card? I already have it installed on my pi but im at version 13 and was wanting to update to version 15. thanks
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    Good distro for mysql and samba?

    Pretty simple. I've been using RPI with openelec as an smb server for my kodi devices. Its simple and very reliable. Now I'd like to switch from openelec since I don't really use it for kodi. My needs are simple. I want it to continue to get the job done with smb but would also like it to run...
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    Tranfer repos to sd card from PC

    Hi, I was trying to download some repos ( channel pear & pulsar) I got them on my pc (win 7), but I don't seam to able to transfer the repos to a sd card and load them to my Raspberry Pi. I thought I had did this once before for one of my Raspberry but ever way I try I don't get...
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    New to RPI 2 and have a few questions !!

    OK here goes, I did try to research this but it still seems confusing, so I figured I'd post here. 1) I had transferred a few Addons on my SD card to install on the RPI using OpenElec, I can't seem the find them, so I assume this is not possible from what I'm told. So for now, do I simply take...
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    Request Using USB hard drives with RP2

    Has anyone been able to use USB hard drives directly connected to RP2 with OSMC?
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    RPi2 stuttering/pausing/buffering

    Had a Rpi2 for a few months and was fine up until recently where i've been having problems getting anything to play. I either get terrible buffering problems with it sat at 0% or just get the 'one or more items couldn't play' message. I tried a clean install yeterday hoping i could fix it but...
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    Backup file getting larger and larger

    Not the end of the world, but each backup file is getting larger. I only keep the latest backup file, which is currently 1.2 GB. I'm assuming it's all of the thumbnails adding up as new material comes out? I don't really have a glut of add-ons (and do not store videos/pics on my flash drive as...
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    Request Slow buffering

    So a friend bought me and my parents a raspberry pi (3 in total) and set them all up with kodi. Mine seems to work fine but both of my parents are slow at buffering(one is really bad. The other is bad but kind of barable).....I've tried comparing settings but can't seem to find anything. Does...
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    is the raspberry pi and pi 2 the same size

    sorry if this has been asked. is the pi2 and pi the same size. i have a case for the pi so can i use this for the pi2
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    I'm so close ....

    Hi all, I've spent nearly the last few months reading and reading about this raspberry pi and how to load up kodi with all it's bell's and whistles. So I just borrowed a friend's PI sitting around and starting to build. I have a RPi 1, model B. Using a duracell class 10 SD card. Loaded...
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    Restarting and adding back an existing OPENELEC (KODI) configuration

    When I initially set up my Pi 2, I didn't realize that when I tried to swap out my OS I would end up installing two. I only have an 8 GB card and can't buy a new one presently. Currently I have Raspbian and OE installed and have no use for Raspbian. I think I'll be able to reformat my card...
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    HDMI Blinking- losing signal for a sec?

    Raspberry Pi2 Openelec Rpi recommended Power supply (5v 2amp) Overclocked : Turbo Screen: Projector BenQ W1070+ but also SONY Bravia Hi, I am having a problem in that when using Openelec my screen blinks off , and what looks like the HDMI signal dropping out for a second is causing this? I...
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    wifi issues

    morning all I recently purchased a combo deal from ebay including the raspberry pi2 Openelec SD card with USB wifi dongle etc etc Everything is set up OK but openelec and kodi are not detecting the wifi , I have set it up with wired and everything is fine but with wifi only there are no...
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    Raspi 1 Assistance with streaming

    Hi All, Was hoping you could help. I own an original RasPi (256Mb model). It has been sat gathering dust for a while until i heard about the capabilities of Kodi regarding torrent streaming.. I wanted in on this action ;) Im running the latest version of OpenElec (updated last night), and...
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    OpenElec - Sound problems

    Hi all, I've had a bit of a problem for a while now and have been trying to solve it but have got nowhere so I wondered if anyone here had any advice? Any help would be really appreciated. Basically, whenever I play a video the sound dies on me (starts breaking up and sounding really...
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    Combo kit deal?

    I really don't wanna monkey around with buying components from all over the place, so was wondering what you guys thought about this as a starter kit. I'm not a fan of the clear cases, so this one would look fine on our entertainment center. The only think I would need to buy separately would...
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    Kodi + Browser on Pi

    I'm thinking of getting another Pi but this one is to go on road trips with me. I stay in hotels where you need a browser to get onto the wifi. Does anyone know of a build where I can have a browser to get online and then run Kodi?
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    Raspberry Pi2 vs Chromebox both with Open Elec

    Hello me again The ASUS chromebox is double the price (£170) of the Pi (£65) once you have purchased all the additional equipment needed. The question is , is the Chromebox worth the extra cash? How much of a performance boost will the extra power give you if you are just using Kodi for...
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    Request install/instructions for the latest raspberry pi as a kodi box

    does anyone have newbie instructions for setting up a Raspberry pi as a kodi box
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    pi can't save seasons to favourites any more did I screw up?

    I am running raspberry pi b with a fIRC remote only. I am not an expert on kodi by any means so any help would be appreciated. I thought I USED to be able to get to a list of series ie the west wing season 1 in FUSION and then save the season location to my favourites area using the main menu...