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    Pi 2 - Recommendations for SD card & USB?

    Hi all, Back in the early Pi 1 days there was a lot of chatter regarding which SD card & USB mix was best. Transcend 700 seems to ring a bell? Have just ordered the new Pi 2 and am reading that the SD card / USB is not that important? People even reporting to not bother with a USB install...
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    Setting up the Pi2

    Hi all, i like he naive idiot i am thought that when buying the raspberry pi 2 that i would be able to just install osmc(old raspbmc) and instantly click on live tv to watch what i wanted, ive hit some roadblocks and am totally clueless on how to actually set this up so i have a few questions...
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    Rpi 2 Offical Openelec realeses with updated librtmp

    Rpi 1 &a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a m p; 2 /Cubox-i Offical Openelec releases with updated librtmp Since the librtmp update has recently become a little more tricky for raspberry pi users. I've decided to have a go at updating the librtmp...
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    Raspberry pi 2 recommended openelec install method

    Hi fellas, I'm looking for the most recommended install of openelec for the new pi. What I mean by this is should I install using an sd card or a usb stick. Or Should I install with a sd card as system and a usb stick as the storage device. I have my b+ set up using the system/storage usb and sd...
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    Rpi resets to factory defaults

    I haven't had time to look into it but without my knowledge my config settings changed on b+ I'm running TomTom IMG but since I got a new aftv I've only been using it as a server.Btw--its a very good, inexpensive server. I got 2 big HDD attached and it runs off USB for added speed. Other day I...
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    New Raspebrry Pi 2 vs Apple TV 1

    Morning guys and gals In your opinion is the Raspberry pi 2 quicker than the Apple TV 1st Generation, if both running OpenElec ? Will I see a difference when loading sources and starting films from addons like Genesis or Naxi X , I dont have an extensive library mostly just stream from Addons...
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    Help please, only getting 2.0 not 5.1

    When playing anything from show_box, Pho*nix, cartoon hd or genesis, I only seem to get sound in 2.0 not 5.1. I have a Raspberry Pi running Kodi connected to Onkyo AVR (5.1, dts, DD etc) via hdmi. Kodi is set to 5.1 with pass through. When playing files from hard drive it's fine, it picks up...
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    xbmc on new PI ?

    is it yet or will it be possible to put xbmc (kodi) , on to the new raspberry Pi 2 ? thanks
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    Microsoft to support Raspberry Pi 2 with a free version of Windows 10

    A full Windows PC for just $35?
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    Micro as card or usb

    Which is better for kodi sd card or usb
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    Raspberry Pi v.2 model B

    Woke up this morning and saw this thread posted at the org http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=217040 So ive just ordered myself one !! Should receive it tommorow sometime. Looks like this could really be a decent little Kodi device with around 6x the performance increase of the old b+...
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    really really slow loading of iptv channels and iptv takes about a hour to load m3u

    o I got iptv working on my pi b and now I click on a channel and generally wait about 3 - 10 minutes before it plays if it plays at all I have a dedicated line to the pi of 18mb so something else is happening here. It is a completely fresh load of kodi 14 and I have added tvaddons. ALSO the...
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    Sabnzb suite

    For the past month I've been primarily using rpi openelec as a samba server with 2 hdds attached. I bought another aftv it kinda took rpi's spot since the living room is the only practical place for hardwired connections. It's a very capable low powered server but I do feel like it's being...
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    openelec 4.2.1 java support

    hi all i am trying to configure Pho*nix nhl addon to openelec 4.2.1 i used the SSH steps to install java support for raspbmc - no joy are there steps for java install on openelec :( am i missing something thx bigdawg
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    Have I made an error moving away from a Pi

    Hi I would like to get an opinion to see if I have made a huge mistake in moving away from a po. I was running Openelec 4.x with Gotham 13.2 and it was generally running pretty smoothly apart from the cache getting full now and then. However I thought maybe naively that by moving to a quad...
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    Raspberry PI b+ won't allow the TVAddons to install.

    I have a RPI the Original which i had Open Elec V4.97 on and I was able to Install the TVaddons including the Wizard. It works very well. However i just got a New RPI B+ and when i installed the New V5.0 Open elec it won't allow the TVAddon to be installed. When i click on the Config Wizard the...
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    Raspberry Pi rebooting XBMC or Kodi crashing

    If your Kodi crashesThe problem is now everytime your kodi scans for updates it will crash unless you remove the Repo from the other site not allow to post name here sorry
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    Can't load a Addon all of a sudden

    Been using my RPI for years no problem just in the last week I haven't been able to load addons on two devices on off chance one does load it takes for ever etc.. Both running frodo I figured maybe cause the addons aren't compatible any longer so I. Upgraded one to Gotham still having the same...
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    Cloned card setup - no sound

    Hi all I am wondering if anyone can help, basically I cloned my card and gave it to two friends who had bought pi's, both had the same issue, no sound, one gave me it back to test and it worked fine on my TV, then not on his. Anyone know if this can be resolved?
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    "working" but it isn't

    Thanks in advance but i need a bit of help Raspberry PI was working fine at weekend then all of a sudden it won't load anything. I can browse the menu's but as soon as I try and load anything it fails, crashes or I just get the "working" thing in the bottom right of the screen. I'm currently...