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    i need help. i purchased online today a 180 day debrid account no problem got a confirmed payment notice/receipt was told i would receive an activation email that hasn't materialized ?? the emails i had from them during the purchase process came in "noreply emails so cannot contact them, no...
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    How much difference does a payed hoster (real-debrid, etc) in terms of available streams?

    I currently use the free option from real-debrid, but I was wondering if paying this service in reality increases the amount of good and fast streams that I will get. Has anybody verified this before?
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    Streams causing restart issues?

    Hi, I’m having issues with my T95X2. I only use Debrid streams but recently having issues with either Kodi or the entire box restarting mid stream. DroiX reckon it’s the addons but I’m not sure coz it’s happening on all of them, eg on Crew, Numbers, etc. I’ve cleared the cache and other stuff...
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    Error Urlresolver not authorising real-debrid

    I'm having an issue with both resolveurl and urlresolver not authorising real-debrid. Other premium services are working. Tried clearing cache in dependency and updating from github. Any ideas?
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    Dedicated Real-Debrid App

    First off I’d just like to say that this app is fantastic. So far I love this thing, but I have ran into a small issue with the app. If I got to a torrent site to get a tv show they offer packages (which is the entire series in 1 file). I copied the magnet over to real-debrid and it uploaded...