reddit browser

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    No thumbnails

    First I installed the Reddit browser from a Kodi repository. It was a mess. Then I installed from a different Kodi repository. It looks promising. I opened Reddit, selected All, selected New. Instead off thumbnails I got a screen of text that said Play unmatched and a notherr line...
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    Reddit Browser install error

    I have try to install browser on firestick and getting "dependency missing fail to install" msg. does any one come across w this prob?
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    Point of the addon?

    I'm struggling to find what i could use this addon for? The links it displays aren't clickable, haven't found an acestream link in the subs i go in either. Is there something i haven't switched on in the settings? EDIT In the absence of additional info i discover i have to go into the...
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    Plexus error

    I've scraped a subreddit for URLs and tried to play an Acestream link, but get a "Plexus Error" every time. If I check the same Acestream link from Windows/Ace Player it plays back fine. The log is here: Any ideas?