scraper development

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    Welcome Back guys

    Hi guys, Happy to see you guys. Learn so much about regex from this forum. When the forum was a way pushed me to learn regex on my own. Wish to learn more and contributes. Thanks again.
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    how to regex a site using different tags

    I was looking at some examples pipcan made and I track 100% but in his video he uses the <img alt=> tags how would I combine these tags into one to play the video url of the video and show thumbnail in veiw. <a href="/video-movie-bashment-a-fork-in-the-road.nnhyopSnmaqHaIY.html" class="thumb"...
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    Website scraper

    I'd like to scrape this movie website "". Display the movies and choose a movie to play. Can someone give me a hint how to do it. Is there a sofware I can use to do it or it need a complicated programming process. Thanks
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    Scrapers use other search engines

    Idk anything about programming but I have a few thoughts to help. Since google has blocked, censored, blacklisted or had over 900 sites shutdown, Cant developers use other search engines that are safer to use like startpage, dogpike, duckduckgo, or some other private search engines? I want to...
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    Html stream scrape.

    I need help playing the following stream in kodi. Any help will be much appreciated.
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    Bug Kodi 17 cannot play url

    Hi, I have an addon run correctly with Kodi 16 but not in Kodi 17. In Kodi 16, Kodi VideoPlayer can play succesfully url but Kodi 17 throws an error 403 for the same url. Anybody has an idea how to fix it ? Thanks in advance for your help, sviet Here is the debuglog...
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    Whats wrong with it?

    hi, i create this regex, but it doesn't work. can somebody look whats wrong. thanks. <item> <title>PROSIEBEN</title> <link>$doregex[getM3U8]|User-Agent=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; rv:48.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/48.0</link> <regex> <name>getM3U8</name> <expres>file...
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    getting servers page from website using requests post

    Hello i have this data from website $.ajax({ url: ''+$(this).data('filter')+'.php', type:'POST', data: 'id='+8011+'', success: function(msg) {...
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    noobroom py

    sometimes works fine but sometime noting i can not see the problem kodi 17. import re,urllib from resources.lib.libraries import control from resources.lib.libraries import cleantitle from resources.lib.libraries import client class source: def __init__(self): self.base_link =...
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    Xml regex

    Hello everyone, I need help getting the regex for this page,I had one but it is no longer working at all Thanks.
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    Site Scrap

    Hello! I'm new to the forums and to Kodi and there is something I really want to know it's a video addon that play animes on my idiom.... the addon plays animes from a site and I really wanted to do the same but with another site.... so that if the addon site ever goes down I will don't need to...
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    Need help with scrapping

    Hi, Can someone help me scrapping this website? Before it changed to https, I can scraped it, but now I can't. Thanks
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    Need help with getting videos

    So, I'm very new to all this Kodi AddOn Development. I made so far a small add-on for me (for now) that is linking content from Youtube channels and playlists. I now want to try something more advanced, but I'm having some problems. Let's explain what I'm trying to do with this example so...
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    hi all, can some one help me to make an add-on from this page thanks in advanced
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    Need help fixing an addon

    I used to love the Pluto.TV add-on that kinkin hosted but he has retired and it's no longer working. I've been attempting to track down the issue but no luck so far. My python knowledge is extremely limited though (especially regex...ugh!). I'm guessing the regex needs to be updated but I have...
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    Request Need help to write a site scrapper addon

    Need help Hello everyone
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    How to extract streams from sites

    I can get many many streaming links I been cracking for few years now what I want to learn is how to restream I need to be able to extract the stream some how. That's first step for me I have many many streaming accounts like comcast directv nbcsn list goes on is it possible to extract these...
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    Please some help from a more expert 😀

    Hi everyone! I am trying for a new addon and on first testings everything was ok. I could get the movie, and then i could get the links! Mainly openload link is what i am interrested! But 2-3 days ago, site changed and instead of the openload url, it is using another url which after i open i...
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    making for video plugin with xml

    Hi, I use Python code for all codes in . can someone help me where can I get info how to use xml. I see that everyone write the codes in xml while I can only in Python
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    Scraping external links

    Hi, maybe someone can find a solution to my problem? I wrote a little video addon with help of some tutorials just for fun. Now it does work so far, but not as good as i wish. How it is now (just the needed part of the code):import urllib, urllib2, re, os, sys import xbmc, xbmcplugin, xbmcgui...