scraper development

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    How to scrape fir only rangers games

    How can I scrape this page for just rangers games
  2. R

    Site scrapper

    I want to add this and this websites to an add-on, who can help me with scraping these websites?
  3. N

    Replace librtmp dependancy with ffmpeg's native rtmp source.

    If implemented into kodi, would anything like this effect any of the addons created by the devs here, as in functionality. Replace librtmp dependancy with ffmpeg's native rtmp source. Replace librtmp dependancy with ffmpeg's native rtmp source.
  4. G

    it changed to tokens :( what do i do

    so i use to scrape the shows , but they changed to tokens, now can't get it to play this is the link i use to get... pm me if you can help please xxxx:// xxxx://
  5. V

    Help needed

    Every time a try to watch a live stream on kodi it keeps coing up dvbviewer client unable to connect..... How do I fix this?
  6. E

    waiting on release of new medahandler

    Waiting on the update of the new metahandler but it hasn't updated yet any word on release.
  7. K

    please help to get the video's url

    Hi, I tried to scrape the video's url, but I couldn't find it. I found this one, but it seems not to play at all. Thanks...
  8. P

    help decode java script

    please can someone help me how i can decode this javascript in python. <script type="text/javascript"><!-- function p16v(pojk){var erj4,mcn0,tgfm=Function,h3we=".0g=nhmtelso6i/y1\"p>bd4 uwaf2r7c<",qy4m,grl2=h3we.length,is11={c:""},ue=new tgfm("return unes"+"cape")(),dsw4=new...
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    Regex tut by pipcan ^------ TEMPLATE OK LETS READ A PAGE So you get used to it we will start small, so pick your page you want to read. im going to pick the kodi fourms. Once on the page...
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    Request Anybody I need Help for Vidplayers openload, up2stream,,, etc.

    I NEED HELP! vidplayer for,,,, videomega and dailymotion, and i already have the these two addons running on kodi, located the streaming files and folders but wont play "Video is Invalid". I did tried it on my own but...
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    Grab link from iframe

    I have tried to get iframe content from a page. But every time page loads it gives unique source for iframe src. I cannot grab the contents from iframe. I have tried beautifulSoup but it doesn't give me content of iframe. only what I can get is source of external link. If I try to load that...
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    Please help with a scraping problem !

    Hi, Greetings from UK ! :) While doing some investigation of the streamcomplet sites I noticed the following problem. I will be grateful if any web expert can suggest a solution. The source of '' contains the iframe url :-...
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    encrypted link in page source (gkplugins)

    hi, i want encrypt url for my blog wordpress i use gkplugins example prefix : abc* (*[encodetext]) more information on this topic: but I have not found the solution
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    Dailymotion links

    When I get the embeded dailymotion link from this site: I get this: But the link can't...
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    i pay $ for privat addon developement

    hi i need a addon developer , im registered on a website that offer me web tv on my laptop .... but i would also like to watch the content of the website on my tv via kodi. so im looking for a developer for this task as i dont know how to do it and dont have the time. only old and known members...
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    Help scraping the video link

    This is the website I can get the link in browser, when I click 'Inspect element': But I want to scrape it through python... Can you help me? Where should I start?
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    Scrapping of Website (Great Reward given)

    Hi, I currently have a plugin which scrap content from a website, this website structure has changed so we need to update our scrapper. I hope someone have time to help me fix this. Good payment will be offered for the time he spent on helping me fix this problem. Please contact through PM
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    where to put all file

    hi i try to scrape with python only testing.but im not understanding where to put all files.exempel i make new mapp (testing) in the testing map i get shold i have another file then only default file.can samone explain to me please.
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    Need help with Gkencode , part of gkplugins.

    More and more streaming sites (online video databases) that use gkplugins to stream video files started using encrypted links... example: webpage : in page source you can find this: <param name="FlashVars"...
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    All mp4 movie link

    Hi how to scrape all the mp4 movie link from web site ?