scraper development

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    best regex tutorial page

    for the regex interested guys best regex tutorial page i have ever seen, very detailed advanced Regular Expressions tutorials.
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    python sjcl.decrypt help

    I need to get the result of below in python, any help would be appreciated. var myvar=sjcl.decrypt("3063", '{"iv":"/d1rF2h62VWPUELvye0ymQ","v":1,"iter":1000,"ks":128,"ts":64,"mode":"ccm","adata":"","cipher":"aes","salt":"LD0hEc22iIw","ct":"hBmJnZjyC+hbrMvoVUc"}'); demo page of (sjcl) Stanford...
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    Need help with scraping imdb watchlist

    having a hard time scraping my watchlist on IMDB not sure why my movies are not showing. Can someone give me some help with this. Thanks
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    so am i the only one posting here?

    i guess all the others doesnt need help. anyway : i have an addon requesting a lot of data in one function opening a lot of pages to scrap. and its taking too much time to each run i want to cahce the result for 2-3 days , can someone give me a demo to an addon that implement it i saw the...
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    play one of 3 url's

    i have url1 url2 url3 only one should work each time what is the fastest way to try play those links in a line no need to resolve the working link i direct mp4
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    librtmp auto update within addon

    any way to auto check and download latest version from within addon?
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    trying to find the final url

    here are two examples from url helper i cant play in vlc ( thay way i check ) **link were deleted** what is the correct way to edit it in orrder to play it in xbmc \ vlc(testing)
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    help with sign in to a site

    that is the form: <form method="post" action="/login"> <input type="text" name="username" placeholder="שם משתמש" /> <input type="password" name="password" placeholder="סיסמה" /> <input type="submit" name="submit_login" class="blue" value="התחבר" /> <span class="green"...
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    I'd like a better understanding of how to give back

    I know this might be a sensitive subject but I'd like to give back to the community by becoming a source of videos. How does one post files on an site like putlocker and make them available for viewing? I figure rather than moan about not enough sites having the videos I need, I can help by...
  10. M links help required

    Hi All, I have been trying to get links but no success up to now. I can get the links from below api; like below...
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    I have login working and cookie stored, now there is a form I would like to pass a url than for the output. I am struggling with it. Here is the POST area: not much in it <form name="import" action="" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <p><textarea id="download_links"...
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    No scrape

    Some thing I have be struggling with is things I do not want to scrape, I use .+? and it works great in a something like: <span class=".+?" id=".+?" title=".+?">(.+?)</span>. However using the same logic to shrink HTML code its does not work. If I have: <span class=".+?" id=".+?"...
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    Metahandler scraping non ASCII

    My development add-on has been working great scraping the site and pulling meta data until the site started allowing non ASCII format names and the metahandler stops at the first one. Here is an example of one of the names 'Antikörper' Just to get my add-on working again I started filtering such...
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    Help with site scraping

    Can some help me on scraping ? I only need this info (with link's) Episódio 01 – Pilot Legendado Episódio 02 – Face Legendado Episódio 03 – Pendulum Legendado Episódio 04 – Chain INGLÊS Episódio 05 – Suspension...
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    Seperate Names

    I am scrapping a site and the title has title="watch 1000 Ways to Die (2008) online"> Currently I am using title="watch (.+?) online"> in the add on gives me the name '1000 Ways to Die (2008)' I would like to separate the 1000 Ways to die and the Year? I think that is whats giving me...
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    cant find video links

    how do i scrape the videos on this site
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    VODie needs fixing!

    There's a plugin called VODie that has fallen into neglect. Some sections of it still work thank God but the main section, dealing with RTE, isn't working. Somebody took a look at it and said the code wouldn't need too much work to get fixed. I was wondering if anybody is up for the task? I...
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    [REQUEST] Scraper for Indian Movies

    Guys, I came across a site that has a lot of information for Indian Movies. If anyone of you could take a look at it and see if it is possible to have some kind of scraper that would be great. I do not know much about this site but seems like they have a lot of movies with a lot of...
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    Web Guru Needed

    i know that if i want to visit a mobile website i.e mobile would be now i really want to access but i cant i know its there as i have been on there mobile site from my iphone and its definately a mobile site as its completely different from main site
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    links in flash a'la youtube... is it done..?