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    Larger fonts

    Hi I'm newbie to this forum. Looking for a skin with larger fonts. If someone could point me in the right direction.
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    Request Studio Icons White fails to update on all my installations of Leia

    Studio Icons White fails to update on all my installations of Leia. Every time on running Leia (using release beta 2) I get a message that Addon Studio Icons White is needed, but when I try to update it from available updates it tells installation failed. Request if anyone can help on this...
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    Request Show ****** skin on start up

    Recently downloaded ****** on my Firestick. How do I get the ****** skin to show on start up. Using Addons on start is an extra step I would like to avaoid
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    Metropolitan skin help

    Metropolis skin help For the life of me i cant get to the media files using my magicsee c400 box. Does anyone have a quick way to change the background and background for menu options of this skin?
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    Titan Skin Helper Service

    I am having trouble accessing the "default widgets directory" in skin settings. I have done several clean installs from 14 to 17 with no resolve. I updated, uninstalled and reinstalled the skin helper service on each platform. I used this...
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    trying to figure out universal movie scraper/imdb to populate actors on info screen

    hi i am trying to get the info screens of my "video add-ons" to populate the actors pictures. i have installed the movie database addon as well as the universal scraper and non of them are working. i went into the settings for the video addon and added in the api key and account but this also...
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    Request Trakt List Help

    Hi could anybody tell me why I might be having the following problem. I have lists set up in trakt (Mine, My Wifes - Movies, TV Etc). my desire is to create a main menu item for say my movies then have a sub menu for each item in the list say for example main menu = my movies / sub menu = Thor...
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    Custom Skin Modifications - Paid Job

    Hi All: I would like to customize the KodiFlix skin with some things on my "wish list". This would be a paying job. Please PM if you are interested and I can provide you with my requirements. Thanks!
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    Please help me with Titan

    Hey guys I'm trying to modify the titan skin. I have been asking for help at the official kodi forum but coming up empty thought I would try my luck here. What I want to do is change the way the widgets behave. I use the Netflix 2 view. There are 2 horizontal widgets on the homepage that you can...
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    Kodi 18 Skins Query

    Anybody working on a modified Confluence skin with added shortcuts for Kodi 18?
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    TVMC Wizard Skin

    I want the old tvaddons skin with the picture of earth. How can I get that again?
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    Bug Skins not working on indigo

    When I use indigo most skins dont work for some reason. I dont know why. I didnt even discover skins until now which is great since the new kodi skin sucks. Idk why they changed it like that. Its a confusing mess. Thank god I discovered this feature. I only got one skin to work by bassanova...
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    Last played video fan art

    Hi, I'm looking for a skin or build that will display the last played video fan art from my files on the main menu screen.I used to run cellardoor tv on Jarvis and this had this option,but since updating to krypton I can't seem to find a build that does it. Anyone got any suggestions. Thanks
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    Can't see Kodi menus after loading build

    I loaded a build (***********) and it's working fine, but I can't see the Kodi menus anymore. I (think) I changed it in Settings/Appearence/Interface ?, but don't know how to go back. I'm new to this, so any assist is really appreciated. John
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    Accidentally deleted everything!

    I have a firestick and recently installed tvaddons and indigo. Was all going fine till I was over zealous in "maintenance" and deleted everything. I've been trying to learn how to install a new build, but read here advice to avoid builds and go with tvaddons and indigo and install just the...
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    Animated Pointer/Cursor

    hi - im using Xonfluence skin on kodi 17.3 using windows - is it possible to use animated pointers/cursors within the skin or any other skin which has that capability - any help or guidance appreciated thanks.
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    My shortcuts keep disappearing

    I got the x96m it came with tvaddons on it. So followed the instructionson to upgrade to kodi 17.3. My issue is I added the shortcuts. I came back into kodi and they was gone so i went ahead and set them up again. So for the second time they gone. What am I doing wrong or is it a...
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    Kodi Home Page on Android Box

    Hello everyone, great info here. I just received my new X96 Android Box, with Kodi, but I can't seem to get to the classic "KODI screen, which shows, "Programs, Videos, Music, Systems etc? How do I achieve this>? Thanks
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    Skin is automaticlly changing

    I don't know what's going on I have done nothing, this one build I am using uses Xonfluence skin, menu bar color was customized by him, now when I started KODI everything was fine from start 2 mins later after the updates, it went black for about 15 seconds then Xonfluence skin went back to...
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    For the life of me, I cannot remember

    Kryptonite theme, I cannot remember where I got it from, I checked my repo's none of them have it, can someone please help me. Thank You!