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    Football (soccer) streaming

    The best for kodi web site used to publish a upcoming televised football - where to watch the games page, the site last published dates was March 2019. Is there any other site that as this information on them that is kept updated.
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    streaming UFC fights

    does anyone have problems getting ufc fights..?? I use a vpn ( ipvanish) and Spo*ts De*il but always have a problem getting the fights...dont know what to do...maybe have my vpn set to a diff country or something...any help would sure be appreciated....
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    Streaming 4K Movies from my NAS drive problem

    Hi Guys, I have Kodi 18.5 running on my Sony Android TV, I use it to watch Movies that are stored on my WD NAS drive. I am connected by WiFi as I was told the TV only has a 10/100 network connection, so WiFi should be faster. When I watch 1080p contect, all is good. When I watch a 4K movie...