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    Do you use a Debrid Service?

    We're curious to hear about how many of you use debrid services like Real-Debrid or Premiumize. We already know that the majority of our staff use them, but are curious as to whether our user base has taken advantage of their benefits. Please respond to our poll, and if possible reply here to...
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    What version of Kodi are you using?

    I'm pretty sure that despite the fact that we encourage everyone to stay up to date with the latest version of Kodi, many of our users are still running older versions. We're curious to hear about what version of Kodi you're running, in order to best support the needs of our community. Please...
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    How Do You Configure Kodi Addons?

    I'm curious to hear about which method the majority of our members use to configure Kodi, whether it's using the Addon Installer, Config Wizard, or if you're still using the Fusion Installer to manually configure your system.
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    What should be developed next?

    We're definitely not making any promises, but we're curious to hear from you guys about what you think should be developed next. It could be an addon, it could be a tool to simplify your Kodi experience, or something else entirely - as long as it's Kodi related. Hopefully we can use one of your...
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    Which device do you use to run Kodi?

    Since more and more hardware devices have been hitting the market, we'd like to hear about what devices everyone is using to run Kodi. If you own more than one, please tell us which is your primary device first, then feel free to list the others. It would also be cool if you could give us a...
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    Do you own a digital antenna?

    I'm curious to hear about how many of you have gone out and purchased a digital antenna to supplement the content you watch through Kodi with your local television stations at no additional cost. In my experience, they can be pretty cool depending on where you're located, and give you the...
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    What's your streaming source of choice?

    We're curious to hear what everyone's favourite streaming sources are, please reply and let us know. In case you're scratching your head asking what I mean by a streaming source, I mean the cyberlocker that hosts the video, as in GorillaVid, MightyUpload, MovReel, or Google Video.
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    Have you cancelled your cable TV subscription yet?

    We're curious to hear about how many of you have actually taken the leap to cancel their cable or satellite television subscriptions. We're trying to figure out ways of better accomodating to cord cutters and want to hear back from you about your experiences. Just reply to the thread, we're...
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    What platform do you running Kodi on primarily?

    I don't remember when the last time we asked this was, but it's likely been quite a while. We're curious to hear what platform you run Kodi on primarily, so please don't be shy and respond to the poll, maybe leave a reply telling us more about what other devices you've used and what not.
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    Did you upgrade to Kodi 14.0 yet?

    I'm curious to hear how many of you have made the big move and upgraded to Kodi 14.0 and how many of you will likely wait on Gotham XBMC until your current setup returns errors before upgrading. Just curious, personally I just upgraded my devices, but it's really necessary yet for those of you...
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    Do you use a Remote Control app with XBMC?

    I was just wondering, how many of you use these Remote Control apps on their Apple or Android devices to control their XBMC setup? I've personally never used one but would like to hear which ones you use, just reply to this thread to let us know! You might want to tell us what you like about...
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    Do you have Android TV yet?

    I'm curious to hear about how many of our users are actually using an Android TV device at the current time since it seems that these type of devices will be the future of Kodi. Please respond to the poll and reply to the thread to let us know what kind of Android TV device you are using. Please...