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    where are the updates for the Resolver from TVADDONS ?

    Hi there. I have recieved NO updates for the Resolver(s) for a long time. The file- or scripts from TVADDONS are showing OLD versions. I do NOT recieve updates on THREE(3) Android devices and on my PC. I dó however recieve the messages from TVADDONS with news and VPN news etc. I dó have Indigo...
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    UrlResolver not working on Ex**us addon

    Hi, can anyone help me with my Urlresolver setting icon not allowing me to add my real debrid information. Looks like UrlResolver setting link is in red fonts. This was not like this before. Is there a reason for this? Is there fix for this? Please help me out if you can. Thanks
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    Error Urlresolver not authorising real-debrid

    I'm having an issue with both resolveurl and urlresolver not authorising real-debrid. Other premium services are working. Tried clearing cache in dependency and updating from github. Any ideas?
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    URLResolver 5.0.35

    Is this the latest version? Is it compatible with OSMC running Kodi 18.2-RC1? I'm not finding video streams I was finding only a few days ago.
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    Version 5.0.28 availability.

    a couple of obscure repos have version 5.0.28. Koditips blog also addresses 5.0.28 as latest update. However, it's not available via your repo or your fusion site. Please advise.
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    option Dual (audio video)

    Would it be possible in future updates to contemplate the dual option in reproducing videos?
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    Release What is the Newest URL Resolver?

    I have version 5.0.24. I’ve tried loading the newest version to help with the problem below. For some reason some shows on most apps just plainly don’t work. Try Gordon Ramsay 24 Hours I’ve tried it on many apps but no success. I would say 75% will work but you get that 25% that just don’t...
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    Request URLResolver Failed to Load

    When I start Kodi, I get several notices from different Addons that say something like "URLReslver failed to load, go to settings repair". Repairing doesn't work to fix anything. I have the latest Indigo and TVAddons repo installed. How can I tell if I actually have the URLResolver installed...
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    no url resolver installed

    URL resolver is not in the "manage dependencies" list. Resolve URL is there. Indigo is installed as well as tvaddons repo. I've looked till I'm blind to find somewhere, some way to download it manually. No luck. Anybody?
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    Can't Find This Addon or the New Fork

    I searched my Kodi and could not find the URLResolver anywhere like it used to be on there. I then went to the TvAddons repo and got the new Resolver fork and downloaded that zip file. I went into the zip file and couldn't find the addon. So I then went to GitHub and searched for jsergio123's...
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    URLResolver fails with oloadcdn.net

    hello, i use the latest urlresolver 5.0.15 and does not support oloadcdn.net Is it possible to integrate this service? thank you cezi1
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    latest (0.5.12?) version of urlresolver brings back the ssl error

    Hello there! The latest urlrevoler (I believe v 0.5.12 or 0.5.10) brings back ssl errors for thevideo.me sources at least. Changelog says these were solved in 0.5.8 but it gives up the ssl errors with thevideo.me. Using (still) latest version of xbmc (right, xbmc) Could someone report this...
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    I use to use tvrelease cause of small HD file,my internet is so slow 6.7mb/s.but now when i picks a tv show,the tvrelease resolver or the url won't even show.their website could be down or something i don' know.can anyone out there shed some light on this?thanks
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    URL Resolver showing as Orphaned dependency

    I had to reinstall Kodi today due to some issues. When reinstalling I also installed URL Resolver to be sure it was done from tvaddons repo. But when I go to system settings>manage dependencies>url resolver it shows as Orphaned and does not work in any addons that use it. I simply get no...
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    Stuck in process of download

    I am following the article Instructions on how to install the URL resolver. I am at the point where I am installing the TVadd-ons.co add on repository. I have pressed it to install but it just keeps spinning saying “working”. I don’t know if it matters but I am running krypton 17.6 and titanium.
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    last night i check in addon data on my android and there were two urlresolver and resolverurl if someone could explain why?thanks
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    Kodi menu custom command to re-authorize real debrid

    Hello guys, i m using real debrid for years, really happy, there is only one thing that could make my life easier and i would like to ask you in case anyone knows the answer :) Lately, real debrid authorization is lost when URLResolver update happens, and i have to go through Settings > addons >...
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    Disabling resolvers does NOT work

    It used to be where I could disable any resolver in the URL resolver list and it would be excluded from my search results. This is no longer the case and I'm not sure if something has changed or if I need to take an additional step. Let me be clear and state that I removed resolvers...
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    Auto updates for dependncies like URL Resolver?

    Just a quick question do dependencies auto update for add-ons that are no longer being developed or supported? Should I go in periodically and update the URL Resolver or does it do it itself?
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    Request URLResolver v4.0.15 Issues

    We no longer are getting the majority of the Providers. We have lost probably around 90% of the Providers list that has disappeared. This issue started around the end of Nov and the update of the Resolver to v.4.0.15 has not fixed the situation. Please fix this!!!!!!!!