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    Help resolving stream from html

    I need help playing the following stream in kodi. Any help will be much appreciated. https://pastebin.com/raw/FRHcZaFz
  2. Z

    Bug URLResolver fails with real debrid

    well its only been like 5 hours of me trying.... I cant get Real Debrid to Authorize. I keep getting a URL resolver error. Got a little better when I reinstalled kodi and tried to do real debrid first but to no avail. ANY GENIUSES PLEASE HELP! https://paste.ubuntu.com/25914487/ That's the...
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    URL Resolver Fails with Real Debrid

    deleted deleted deleted
  4. S

    Keep losing Real Debrid Authorisation

    Hi, For the past week or so when I'm getting no RD links until I've cleared the urlResolver, re-authorised my RD account and restarted Kodi. It will work for a while, I get my rd links but then stops working. This happens pretty much every day and sometimes more than once. Log is here ...
  5. T

    Fix for pairing issues in URL Resolver?

    Does anyone know how to fix the pairing issue? I have to use my phone all the time to pair links in order to get my box work. I see a lot of threads but no replies.
  6. F

    Bug Urlresolver not working with premiumize.me

    My current version won't open premiumize.me link I contacted the and the say that you have something messed up with apl. Is there a update to fix this issue
  7. S

    Request Help trying to add addon in Repository

    fixed Hello mates! I am developing an video plugin, linking youtube videos and for do this I need your UrlResolver script. FIXED
  8. B

    add on source button not working

    i just downloaded kodi 17.4 on my new hp pc but when i go to file manager and to add source i click on add source and it does not work nothing happens does not go anywhere for me to add a url plz help!:confused:
  9. P

    URLResolver Install gone bad?

    Having some issues with URLResolver: First noticed the problem today when no RealDebrid links would play; was able re-authorise RD via Kodi settings but the problem persisted. Next, thought I would re-install URLResolver 'over the top' but was unable to find it in any repo, including fusionco...
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    Urlresolver update failed

    Urlresolver update v3.032 failed
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    Real-Debrid "Authorized" but nothing plays

    Prior to authorizing Real-Debrid (RD) had players, with HD or 1080P that came up not many on TV shows 4 or 5 seasons old. Once I was authorized for RD everything turned up RD-player some 1080P some HD some neither but would go thru the entire listing of players and not play or pause and lose...
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    how to remove or disable openload and thevideo resolvers

    Ok guys - I appreciate these have been included and that is your choice. But if I want to disable them that is my choice. I've tried various methods of doing so, yet they are still there. Can you tell me a method to do what i want - it's fine if I have to redo at each update. Fyi - I'm using...
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    Kodi add-ons

    Hi, I'm new to the forums just signed up now. I'd first like to thank all the developers and anyone else involved. I just updated to Kodi 17.3 and I like it except that my add-ons keep moving around. When I open an add-on it goes to the first position. Is there a way to stop them from moving and...
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    Error Log: URL Resolver Error for Real-Debrid

    Hello everyone, First I'd like to thank all of you that make Kodi happen! I am having an issue with authorizing my Real Debrid account. When I go to re-authorize my account, I receive an URL Resolver Error. I've tried installing and reinstalling Kodi. Running Kodi 17.3 on Windows 7 PC and...
  15. B

    URL resolver list

    Is there a list of URL's or domain names that the resolver can deal with?
  16. R

    URLResolver Error Everytime I Try To Authorize Real-Debrid

    Hi, I searched the forum and couldn't find an answer. Maybe someone can help. I'm using Linux Mint 18.1 and the latest Kodi 17.3. I've had this problem since upgrading Linux from 17.2 to 18.1. Every time I try to authorize Real-Debrid in URLResolver I get URLResolver Error see log file. I...
  17. L

    Audio Problem

    Hey. Is anybody else experiencing audio randomly cutting out, then coming back in after a while? It always happens when the plot is being explained, lol.
  18. A

    Question about Priority and Multiple Debrid services

    Just curious as to what it the best way to prioritize debrid services in the resolver... I have a Free Real Debrid account and a Premium Premiumize account. Currently I have it set so Premiumize is at 95 and Real Debrid at 99. But would it be better to reverse those so it searches the free...
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    Bug URLResolver and Real-Debrid authorisation

    Hi, I've been using Real-Debrid through URLResolver fine on a number of devices however in the last day or so one of my devices stopped pulling Real-Debrid links through addons. In URLResolver although I get the Real-Debrid link when trying to reauthorise my account, which I type in on the...
  20. K

    can't play divx streaming

    Can't play this link . can somebody resolve it thank in advance https://d12.usercdn.com:443/d/sql2qdc5tv2fvxijy75zbgaalymtommn46wshespkfwaa4bq6fws5dlj662af5ojlownaygw/video.mkv from https://userscloud.com/embed-ny74zrv1a5r4.html