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    Bug Real debrid authorization

    Everytime I press either reset authorization or re authorize my account with real debrid in URLresolver my kodi freezes up I never get to the authorization screen with the code. I guess maybe a recent update caused this? I cannot seem to roll back because I reinstalled kodi. I am using a Ouya...
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    Bug Cloud.mail.ru

    url resolver Does not return a correct link LINK: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/59aX/3r2AvYdvP/Shingeki%20no%20Kyojin%20S2%20-%2001%20%5B1080p%5D%20%5BMX-EN-PT%5D%20%5B8C5CB48B%5D.mkv incorrec url-resolver...
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    URLResolver needs update?

    I'm guessing the URLResolver is the problem for all TvSeries in just about every addon not working properly right now? Could I get a answer form a TVAddons admin. Is the URLResolver the actual problem and is the developer aware of it and will there be a update coming soon? Thanks
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    Links are not in green

    I have just installed Real-Debrid using the Universal Resolver. My understanding is that the links that are"Debrided" should be green. I have used Pheonix and a few other places. They work fine, but I see no green links. I followed the Real-Debride install instructions on Add-ons and got the...
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    [BUG] UPTOBOX: File not found

    Hi, I've just found an issue with the h++p://uptobox.com Here is my script: import urlresolver url = 'http://uptobox.com/r3nt33va9yp7' try: result = urlresolver.HostedMediaFile(url).resolve() except Exception as e: result = str(e) print result The uptobox' link is still active Until...
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    Bug stream.to and flashx.tv resolver not work

    flashx.tv log http://pastebin.com/29UDJpJ0 streamin.to log http://pastebin.com/6q98Cfkk my env pc/windows7/kodi-17.0-Krypton_rc4 tested many other addons,their flashx/streamin links can not playback Thanks!
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    Debrid-link.fr as new universal resolver

    Hi, I really like the work you're doing here , this add-on has a lot of work in it. May I ask you if it will be possible to consider debrid-link.fr as a new universal resolver compatible to this add-on ? Thanks again for your work
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    [REQUEST] http://uk3.iocodes.com ?

    @Developer It would be so perfect if you could also add this url, as a supported host into your awesome addon http://uk3.iocodes.com Mostly it's used to hide any googlevideo links (single resolution or multi ones) Sample: http://dbmovies.xyz/the-colony-2013-bluray-720p-600mb-ganool Thanks...
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    Please explain priority number 90 vs 100

    I've been using real debrid with priority 100 and just read it should be 90. What's the difference and should I change it? Thanks.
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    Total newbie

    I want to watch shows, etc by a dev who insists he's not a dev he's just Bob...whatever. It's called Bobs amazing tv, but when i try I get a pop up message saying something about resolving a non direct link : script.mrknow.resolver I don't know what this means let alone how to go about doing...
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    Vidtodo script

    I have put together a small python script to resolve the links from vidtodo.com Im not sure how to make this into a urlresolver plugin, maybe someone else can add it. Works fine for all the links I pass it. import requests, re, time def GetVidtodo(url): headers = {'content-type'...
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    [Error] flashx.tv : Video not found ?

    hi, A newbie question: Does the urlresolver support flashx.tv ? Here is my kodi script: import urlresolver url = 'https://www.flashx.tv/7lbxze60pt66.html' err = None try: if urlresolver.HostedMediaFile(url): url = urlresolver.HostedMediaFile(url).resolve() except Exception as...
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    def relevant_resolvers

    I borrowed the following code from Lambda's Ex**us. try: self.hostDict = urlresolver.relevant_resolvers(order_matters=True) self.hostDict = [i.domains for i in self.hostDict if not '*' in i.domains] self.hostDict = [i.lower() for i in reduce(lambda x, y: x+y...
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    Need somehelp to decode url

    Hi all, I am trying to decode url from this website www.ceritasanasini.com/2016/10/5474q.html and so far got these 3 link from it link 1...
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    I don't get it (finding stream)

    I have this page hxxp://www.vipbox.nu/football/404534/3/deportivo-de-la-coruna-vs-sevilla-live-stream-online.html from it I can get down to this link hxxp://www.sawlive.tv/embed/watch/E3MGM2NDRiNzg5MWY0ZmZiMjg0NDhiNjY4Mg__/ZGFvdGdydW1sZTo2ZjEzYzE4YzcxZmRmMzNmOWY4MjU1ZDc0YTgxMTliZjphYWE1Yj...
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    Help : how to get result as list from urlresolver

    Hi All, I am using the resolver to retrived the media link as below media_url = urlresolver.resolve(web_url) it is working with pop up to select the videa quality. Is there anyway that I can received it as list / array contraining all of the result with their quality without the pop up...
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    Entervideo resolver!

    I am trying to scrape some pages, and i come to the url link of the video and i get some http://entervideo.net/watch/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/ link. When i open this link i get a direct video file link like http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/vids/xxxxxxxxxxxx.mp4 But Kodi doesn't play this link and log says @@@@...
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    google video locking up urlresolver

    when trying to resolve google video links in version 3.0.22 it locks up urlresolver. i pinpointed the issue to line 276 in lib/urlresolver/lib/net.py where it looks like it's trying to read in the entire video file
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    Is it possible to add Arabloads.net? Especially for middle eastern community

    If possible this would be a really welcome addition for the Middle Eastern community. Hope its possible and thanks for all the work that has gone into this. Love it!!
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    Unresolver problem

    First Post Here is my error log; https://logs.tvaddons.co/pp12tltpk “I was told to delete the directory special://home/addons/script.module.urlresolver and then reinstall URLResolver from fusion.” I am a newbie to Kodi so I did not understand what this meant but what I figured out was this -...