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    Is USTVnow free TV dead ?

    I cant seem to watch any network channels like ABC or CBS
  2. D

    it don't work

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. There is no error. It just sits there.
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    Alright let me make clear I pay for a subscription to USTV Now I asked KODI for help and they rudely accused me of pirating and it pissed me off to no end because I told them I paid fore the service in the original post. Ok now to the point I have had a continuing problem and it is only getting...
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    USTVNow Blocking ABC

    For two days now there has been an error message on ABC that says there's too much internet traffic or the servers are overloaded. Does anybody know if this is permanent? I'm a non paying subscriber so I can't submit a ticket. Thanks all!
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    FOX won't play.

    All other channels will play except FOX and I get an error (ERROR: Playlist Player: skipping unplayable item: 0, path [plugin://*****) and it never plays. All other channels play. What can I do? PLAN: free
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    USTV Now Add-On for Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick

    Hello, I'm running USTVnow on the latest version of Kodi, Krypton 17, on both a generic Android box and on Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick. I have no problem at all on the Android box. Works great. However, I am unable to use any functionality on the version on Kodi on Fire Stick. I get the error...
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    USTV Now Plus Newbie Needs Help

    Hi everyone! I am new to Kodi and am having a ton of fun with it. I am on day 28 of a free subscription and haven't had any problems until now. I have Kodi 17.6 on my HP laptop (connected to the TV)and on my Mac Powerbook. I'm using the USTVNow Plus 14.6.6 addon on both. At precisely noon today...
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    USTV NOW PLUD won't work over 1hr

    Hey guys I believe this is your problem but maybe not. My USTV NOW keeps freezing and losing connection to the channels. I run the system clean and actually manually clean and reboot hoping to solve the problem but it acts like the data stream is being intermittently interrupted just long enough...
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    Request CBS and NBC

    I'm getting a message when trying to watch CBS (due to internet congestions it is not available) and no NBC link either.
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    Didnt USTVNow used to offer Cartoon Network?

    As it is now it offers 24 channels which is a decent amount for $19/mo. I searched the internet and it wasn't just my imagination, they did used to offer it. The only answer I could not find is why it has been discontinued from the service. I would really like it for watching Adult Swim and...
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    guide and minimized picture

    when i used to pull up the guide, whatever i was watching would minimize and continue to play and i could pull it back up after this is no longer the case it minimizes fo ra few seconds then stops any idea why?
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    issues with ustv, picture in slow motion, audio normal

    Hi, yesterday I got a new amazon fire TV 4k (downloaded kodi 17.6) and installed ustv now(just the free version) however I'm having issues. When I go to play a live stream, the picture plays in slow motion, but the audio stays correct, eventually it realizes the picture is behind and will "seek"...
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    no longer working for me

    anyone else? tried , deleting and re upping account like b4, nothing, uninstalled reinstalled just spins on load
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    Error: CcurlFile

    Hello, I'm fairly new to Kodi, USTVNow seems to work fine for a while but now all of a sudden, it doesn't work and it keeps showing me a bunch of errors like the ccurlfile or plugin not found. What to do please?
  15. C

    USTVnowPLUS no video on v14.8.1 (or 14.8.0)

    Ihave StarstreamX android box. KODI 16.2 USTVnowPLUS 14.8.1 Get no video - audio is OK. Everything appears to work, acts like it's streaming, but screen is black. I have many other setups working fine... Windows8.1 and a Samsung cellphone android running KODI 16.1 and USTV 14.6.6...
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    Connection FAILED!

    I installed USTVNOW plus and Guide this morn. I go to the guide, click on a program and get "Connection FAILED! Pleas check your login credentials and try again". I can view the guide, but can't access the programs. Any help is appreciated.
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    USTV Now Plus - No Video - Audio OK

    USTVNowPlus gets no video - audio is OK on all free channels. running SkystreamX Andriod Kodi 16.2 with USTVNOWPLUS 14.8.1. tried switching video quality to low - no help. When I select the channel (ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.) it opens the stream, the screen opens up, audio starts, but the screen...
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    My9 channel not playing (free subscription)

    My USTVNow plugin version is 14.7.5 Kodi version is 17.4 (Windows Store version, not native desktop) Everything has been fine since very recently. I watch Judge Mathis on My9 in the morning while having breakfast daily! But since last 2 days, My9 doesn't play. It just spins for 2 seconds...
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    Can't install from repository

    I've just got a new fire tv box with 17.3 running but can't install ustvnow from the tv addons repository. Just fails each time. Any help?
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    USTVnow free stops working after upgrade to krypton 17.3

    USTVnow 14.6.6 free stops working after upgrade to krypton 17.3 I had 2 FreeTelly installations on 2 different windows pcs and each had its own USTVNOW free subscription that is/was working. I updated one computer following the instructions on the tvaddons website and it now has krypton 17.3...