video addon for kodi

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    [RELEASE] BoxPlus Network (Discontinued)

    Discontinued Name: BoxPlus Network Plugin ID: Author: BludhavenGrayson Current Version: 1.0.0 Download: Description: Watch live music channels from the BoxPlus Network.
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    [RELEASE] UKTVPlay (Discontinued)

    Discontinued Name: UKTV Play Plugin ID: Author: BludhavenGrayson Current Version: 1.0.0 Download: Description: Watch content from the UKTVPlay service.
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    Desi Zone in AJ Addons Freezing

    Hi I am having some issues where desi zone in Aj addon keeps on freezing when playing. The only source that works is watcher and all the others don't. I have removed the addon and re-installed it but still get the same issues, I have checked my internet connection and that is all working...
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    is there a list of addons that are no longer ?

    such as ******* was but wasn't, now is it ? etc hmmmm, no sports forum any longer ?
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    TVA log loader install fails

    Getting installation failed trying to install TVA Log Loader from TVaddons repo.
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    Fusion zip

    Loaded Kodi 17.3 many times from a variety of sources. Tried to load tvaddons to install a variety of videos. Loaded the fusion but when I attempted to install it from the zip file. When I went to begin-here and clicked on it all that is present is 2 dots, yet at the bottom of my screen it shows...
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    Direct Downloads unavailable

    When I go to TVAddons addons there is no longer an option to download a repo or addon. Where it used to say download it is now blank.
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    How do you know if your box has been compromised by subtitle exploit?

    Is there an easy way to tell if you've been compromised by the subtitle exploit? If infected, will reinstalling or updating to the newest SPMC cleanse an infected android box or the whole system needs to be restored?
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    Way to report fake videos?

    Every now and then, I try to play X, and Y starts instead. Is there a way to push up a report that a given video is not what it claims to be?
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    Good free provders sugested for addon settings

    Thought I would create this thread if it has not been done. Many that use these addons don't really know how to set up the provider settings when it's an option. Some can't afford a Premium service, so they are stuck with using the free services. So for those of you that are using the free...
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    About the 3rd party addons

    I really don't think there is anything wrong with most addons going down, there are ONLY!! going after the ones that have LIVE TV. I really don't care for LIVE TV on KODI I get Free Cable with my Apartment Lease anyway. I use KODI for what it's intended to be used for.
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    Streaming issues

    I have a couple of questions. With Ex**us or any add on, when the server is asking to be paired is that a good thing to do, does it cost money, or create spam or viruses? I also have been having a lot of programming buffering a lot to the point of giving there a fix? I am using fire stick.
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    Could not connect to repository

    Need some help have a qbox that came preloaded with Kodi 16 ,went to upgrade to 17 and lost all my addons in the process, followed the instructions to get Ex**us back on and it kept saying "could not connect to repository " tried it multiple times then deleted and reinstalled Kodi 17 same thing...
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    To all the developers, past and present...

    To all the developers (and even sites) that have and still might toss in the towel, thank you for all the days/weeks/months/years of dedication and enjoyment your addons and your non-rewarding volunteer hours brought many, now stay safe and enjoy your retirement...
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    kodi addons

    are there ANY kodi addons still working! plz list what is good and not good thk yu after indigo and Ex**us updates everything is very slow to install:(
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    Downloads not playing all the way through...

    I followed all the instructions to download movies from Ex**us but when I try to play them outside of Ex**us it only plays for 4 or so minutes and quits. Any suggestions or fixes?
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    addon errors

    installed various addons some open ok like Ex**us and channel one but a few like Velo**ty, Pho*nix show errors and will not open. reloaded tvaddons a few times same results. have kodi 17.3 - any suggestions to fix
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    TenIL 1.0.4

    Here is a new version update of TenIL. Hebrew Name: ערוץ 10 (web) Version: 1.0.4!p7ISBT4S!BvIrhy5xsD-9x3LyZZl_RQ Please add it. (Here is the link to the old add-on in your repo: ) Thank you.
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    New to Free Telly and

    cannot find icon to add new sources (ie: Na*i-X). Please help IT challenged senior-lol.
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    Other Addon suggestion

    Hi, What with the recent google pulling many of the gvideo links and leaving me with streaming links that is literally 95% saying no stream available via the Ex**us Addons. I need to download the tv show Star Trek Voyager due to me needing the subtitles and due to issues with kodi end not...