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    Help with Sky Go

    Hey, I've a raspberry pi 3 with osmc and kodi 17.6. and Sky Go Version: 1.12.2 Since a few days videos from Sky Go do no start any more. Sometimes nothing happes and sometimes an error pos up, that the video couldn't played. In the log i found that: 21:16:45.331 T:1262482176 ERROR...
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    9Now Addon Can't connect to Aussie Repository

    I get Git Browser error when trying to access repository. Here is Code:
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    Request Any help finding working ESPN live stream links?

    Hello community! I had been using CommunityCloud for live streaming ESPN and some news and 24/7 channels, but as of about a month ago, all the livestreaming stopped working. I have sent numerous requests for assistance and info from Bane, the CC manager, on his twitter, but he doesnt respond...
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    Playlist loader broke after update

    I have been using playlist loader addon for several months.A few days ago there was an update and now on 3 of 5 Linux systems it no longer works. All Linux systems are the same OS Ubuntu 16.04 x64, no explanation as to why it broke on some and not on others. Iwanted to move to a more basic live...
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    Euronews live, Aragon live and Chappa'ai

    I have three questions: 1) I used to be able to watch Euronews live, but recently I can only access their video clips, not the live broadcast. It is strange, since I can get it on my phone, but not on my computer. Can anyone remind me how to install Euronews live? 2) When I try to update any...
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    Live Stream Pro Apple TV 4 Error

    delete delete this thread admin
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    Problem with USTVcatchup

    Hi, I'm having a problem trying to install USTVcatchup add-on. I'm up to where it prompts me to install the add-on but I receive the following error message: "File is not a zip file, please try again later, Attempting to continue". I've tried several times but without success. Any advice would...
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    Rickrolling - which Fantastic provider stops this?

    I'n getting Rickrolled by the old videome provider, which seems to have changed hands now, and because Fantastic anonymises providers, I don't know which one it is to disable it. Anyone know please?
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    Plexus revived v0.1.8

    Hi! As you all may know, the popular P2P stream addon Plexus can not be installed cause the installfile in the last release( points to servers that no longer exist. I found a new source for these files at leylayz repository on github. Therefore i have edited in these in the...
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    Installing Addons,

    I'm trying to install Triton and Oculus. I keep getting the error Unable to Connect. Couldn't retrieve directory information. Kodil seems to have several zip files but I haven't been able to get to any of them. Anybody have any ideas?
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    Please help

    Hello Kodi users, I love to use my Kodi program on my HP laptop with windows 10. I have been using Kodi for a couple years now. I am currently a senior nursing student and I love to watch old tv medical dramas. Shows like Miami Medical, The Mob Doctor, Mercy, Monday Mornings, and Three Rivers...
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    GIT Browser install issues

    I've followed the directions to allow me to install Git Browser and have run into issues. When I try to install the from tvaddonsco I get an error saying Git Browser error check log file. I don't know what to do from this point. Please help someone? commonkore
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    Support for hybrid and donatello repo addon

    Hi, There is a video addon from hybrid and donatello repo called Hop( הופ! ) and it keeps getting an error when selecting a video. Does anyone know a way to contact the developers? Thanks
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    how to block some sources

    Is there a way to block Openload and Vidup? Those guys are a bunch of leeches! I'm tired of them hijacking other threads and having to cancel out their annoying dialog boxes.
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    Request TVplayer addons no longuer work

    The two TVplayer addons no longer work and the two forums for the addons have no feedback on the problem after I reported it, in one of the addons I get the feedback that I need to input the login information even if that information is already inputted, I have done erasing the login information...
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    Request Jason Diggz. Xenon 7.3.6

    I've recently been having a "Flying" Window appear while watching streaming content on XENON that is advertising upcoming or older episodes of various content that I have listed in my Favorites. It Fly's IN...stays for a few seconds, then Fly's OUT....... This is a new feature and would like...
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    where are the old addons

    How about The Ro**l We. Is it banned,too? If not, how can it be obtained? While we're at it, are there any of the old addons that are not banned? If there are, how can we get'em?
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    Any replacement to ********?

    I haven't touched Kodi in a few months so I don't know if ******** is still the latest and greatest Movie/TV searcher which also syncs with Trakt.TV. It works amazingly when I used it last but now I'm not getting any results from the usual providers and sources when I've tried with 5-10...
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    Nep**ne R**ing Error (Check The Log For More Information)

    I can't seem to get this addon to work. I updated the repository and reinstalled it all, but I keep getting that message. I attached my error log. Can anyone help, please
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    U* T*rk Playlist TV Shows New Episodes screen blank

    Hello to all! I am new to this site and am hoping someone can help me fix my issue. I can get into U* T*rks and click on tv shows. when i click on new episodes of tv shows the screen is blank. i have tried using a vpn and the same issue occurs. Help!