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    VPN doesn't help

    Hi I got the Express VPN and I am not experiencing any difference in my ability to get reliable streams. Is there another step I am supposed to take? Currently my android box has my VPN app then I go into Kodi. R
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    Question I'm currently having problems streaming i have a vpn i have the latest version as well.

    I'm currently having problems streaming i have a vpn i have the latest version as well. No olpair what do i do now please help me.
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    VPN install

    How do I install a VPN to the raspberry pi which is connected to the tv
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    installing a VPN

    I want to install a vpn as kodi suggests.I'm not sure if I have one or not.Could I just go ahead and install one anyway?
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    Stream not streaming or simply lagging and not enough providers to choose from even with a VPN.

    Hi, Newbie here… I use Kodi 18 with Nord VPN on a raspberry pie 3. Spectrum is my Internet provider. I'm hardwired to the modem but lately my streams are (stopping for a long period of time and then playing for short period of time). I guess they call that lagging it's been doing it a lot...
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    Question Premiumize.me VPN

    I've had ongoing problems installing the vpn that comes with premiumize.me. I have Kodi 18.4 on an nVidia Shield and use a current known addon for streaming movies and TV programs. Most of the time, all goes well but in the past four weeks or so I've had "No stream available" messages or the...
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    directions to download vpn to firestick

    where do I find information on how to download a vpn to my firestick
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    Norton VPN

    I have a Norton VPN. Is it compatible with Kodi?
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    Having Issue with Internet?

    Recently, My Internet is too low. When I use some sort of VPN like X VPN, My Internet Works fine. But When I turn off my VPN my internet again becomes very slow. Here is the link to the software which I use to increase the speed of my internet: https://fineapkapps.com/download-x-vpn-premium-apk/...
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    Buy 1 Get 12 VPN Deal

    PureVPN is hugely popular and is also hailed as the best VPN service by several publications. PureVPN is proudly offering anniversary deal on its 12 anniversary, in which its allowing you to send twelve invitations of free monthly accounts to your family circle, friend list or peer by getting...
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    Question VPN connection

    I have set up a VPN through NordVPN. I have downloaded the app and connected it on my Android box. How do I get Kodi to recognize that I have the VPN so the sites become unblocked and I get more links?
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    A good deal?

    I just found this offer up from PureVPN which has a lot of other things in their package other than the standard VPN thingy that they have. It is offering the standard VPN package has like 5 multilogins, multiple vpn protocols etc. But the price they are offering all this for (most probably...
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    NordVpn install guide on Raspberry Pi

    Hallo, Tried searching but is there an idiots guide to install NordVpn on the raspberrry Pi? Must be an age thing but since setting it up 3years ago, got lost within 60secs of watching the YouTube video. :confused: Appreciate any links if there is one Cheers Andrew
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    Can't download my nord vpn onto my firestick.

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and vpns. I bought the nord vpn because of the deal on offer but when I go onto google app store on the firestick it just says the app is installed but it didn't install on the firestick it was installed on my phone and laptop but doesn't let me install it...
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    Is there any good Black Friday VPN deal available?

    I am looking for any good VPN deal in this Black Friday. Please suggest me any good deal I am using it for streaming purpose e.g. netflix us, hulu, bbc iplayer uk etc.
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    Nord VPN

    I have had Kodi for quite a few years, but over the last year not really used at all, as the things I used to watch, I'm pretty much unable to get a stream. I've now installed the 3 day trial of Nord VPN onto the PC that I have Kodi on, but as far as I can tell there is no difference of what's...
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    Request VPN and lack of sources

    Hi there, I have just subscribed and installed expressvpn on my nvidia shield as I wasn't getting many sources when searching for videos, I believe it's all set up correctly but I still do not seem to be getting many sources and the Ines I do get are the likes of openload, vshare and another one...
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    VPN Expiring. Need Recommendations

    My IPVanish Kodi addon is expiring in a few weeks. Need a break from it and want to try out another VPN service. I am seeing some PureVPN ads on my browser. Should I give PureVPN a try or what? Also, I was looking for some other quality VPN providers and I ran into a black firday vpn deals page...
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    How feasible is it to set up your own vpn - like using a Raspberry Pi to do so

    I've been reading about how to set up your own vpn with a dd-wrt router; how to set up your own vpn. I checked out the top rated vpns and was truly disappointed how they add and upsell you and don't provide very many servers at all at their basic low price offerings. I cancelled two of the very...