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    Which VPN is Best?

    Hi All. Could someone please tell me which VPN is best from Pure VPN and Private Internet Access I know that there is a price difference but it's only a couple of pounds and I would like to get the best for speed and easy set-up. Many Thanks in Advance Brianljnr :confused:
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    Apple TV 2 most channels blocked in uk anyone got help setting up a proxy fix

    Hi has anyone know best way to fix Apple TV 2 to stream blocked channels in uk .i had a proxy fix working thru Xbmc wizard but that has since stopped working .i have also read that VPN won't work on Apple TV Is my trusty Apple TV now no good .or can someone help me get it going again . If not...
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    Deleting Profiles

    Can somebody tell me how to delete profiles please Ive been trying to set up a VPN and have kept adding profiles also can they be edited, rather than deleted and started again also, will it be the same process for deleting other profiles? ive added fusion twice thanks I have an MX2 android box...
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    Pia for little blk box

    Hi So im getting the little blk box and have Pia vpn. What should i do to keep my privacy? Get a router or use the pia app? Not sure which is the option i can use
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    Vpn for only xbmc ?

    Can i have vpn for xbmc only? I have TLBB for use xbmc and onlt need vpn for streaming.. The rest i will use normal internet like my mobile and playstation 4 .. is it possible ? Or do i need to configure whole router for that ?
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    android or ubuntu

    running the little black box (1.1) n got pia for a year but aint sure if i need ubuntu linux 10.10 set up or android pptp:vpn set up. using virgin superhub also... will that cause probs ?.. any help greatly appreciated. Gordy.. ps these are my options...
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    Openelec VPN

    Been trying to setup BOXPN on OPENELEC, in the VPN option. I have entered all the fields. When i click connect it will connect and show ip address and STATE:ready TYPE:fixed, few seconds later it will disconnect and say STATE:idle Type:fixed. I am connecting with SSTP as PPTP gives me...
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    The needs of VPN?

    Hi, been reading alot about VPN and XBMC. I live in Denmark so at the moment i'm not blocked. In the different guides around, also the detailed one here, nothing is mentioned setting up time capsule. My system is adsl hub - Time Capsule - ATV2 all wired. Installed PIA on iMac today but not...
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    XBMC freezes via VPN in the evenings only (Virgin UK)

    Hi all, A friend of mine who I showed the wonders of xbmc is having a very peculiar problem. He cannot use the software in the evenings?! In the day it runs fine i.e. 1Ch**nel etc but in the evening it keeps freezing and he cannot watch anything. He has 20mb broadband and he ran a speed...
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    VPN setup on G-Box MX2 running Linux - Help Needed

    Hi all, I have just purchased a G-Box Midnight 2 which has been flashed to run on Linux and purchased a subscription to Private Internet Access. I have managed to setup PIA on my PC but haven't a clue on how to set it up on the G-Box. I understand there is an App I can download from the...
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    Vpn on a Android Box

    Hi all I am new to XBMC but i am slowly getting to grips with it. I currently only have this on my Laptop but i am eventually going to buy a Android box for my TV. I have managed to get 1Ch**nel working through a proxy (thanks to help on here) although i realise that this is probably not...
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    MyGica proxy server?

    I have a myGica 510d with Xbmc peinstalled.I want to add a proxy server.Can I do this directly on Xbmc, or do I need to install the proxy on my desktop computer? My ideal would be direct to my Xbmc box, as I don't want to change anything on my desktop,laptop os iPad. I also have sky hd and...
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    IMO best free vpn`s :)

    Living in the UK I thought now would be a good time to test out the best VPN service you could get for free. I`ve tested lots and only found two to be any good so I thought I would share here as I read a lot of peeps wanting to watch the 1Ch**nel again or any other content that is blocked due to...
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    VPN help needed router

    I'm trying to run a VPN through a d-link router setup with dd-wrt I've followed the instructions on client support from privateinternetaccess but still can load up channel 1 or many of the other blocked sites in the uk I've connected to the internet through dd-wrt on my apple box but no luck...
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    FULL GUIDE to set up PIA on Rasp Pi using advanced addon launcher

    ************update********************** This method still works and may be of use to some people however there is now a cleaner way which uses Brain Hornsby openvpn for xbmc the guide can be found here : http://www.xbmchub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24769...
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    Vpn setup

    I have a openvpn account on my main pc streaming xbmc to the tv is there a way I can connect my raspberry pi running raspbmc to my pc both are wired connections to my router
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    Sky BB and UK siteblocking.

    Hi all. I have Sky fibre BB (SR102 router) and am running XBMC on an Android TV box, Ouya. Sky have made it impossible to change DNS settings on the router, but i've always got round this by changing each individual device's DNS. That's not possible with the Android box (RK3188) and I can't...
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    I Think I Need to Run a VPN on my ATV1 - Help

    Hi guys, hope you can help. I'm in the UK and have been using crystalubuntu 2 by Sam Nazarko XBMC Frodo 12.2 on my ATV1 successfully for a year or so now using 1Ch**nel, Ic*f*lms, Simply Player etc. Over the last month or so I seem to be really struggling connecting and playing anything. I've...
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    Vpn and apple tv

    Hi has any body managed to set up a Apple tv to run with a vpn ? any info would be most welcome.
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    Does VPN work for everybody

    Ok here goes, I currently using osx Mac mini using temporary nightly version for mavericks of xbmc. I have subscribed to private internet access, I have used pia by just connecting to a server in the USA tried xbmc not working then enter the setting directly into internet setting on xbmc...