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    VPN with a Firestick

    Is there a VPN which I can use with my firestick and where can I find install instructions?
  2. X

    Ipvanish thoughts?

    What are your thoughts for using IPVanish for KODI? How do you install it on a Nvidia Shield? Also if its being used on the shield can it also be used on a surface Pro 4 or can it only be used on one device? Thanks
  3. J

    Request I'm a little confused about this VPN stuff.

    Hi all, Been a long time since I have posted here but this VPN thing has me a little confused; I got and installed IPVanish on my Android Box and all seemed to go well. Now when I go into the Settings in the front-end that I run Kodi from under Cable (this is where you configure the Internet...
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    Unlocator’s DNS proxy service answers needed from geeks here please

    I am in Spain ,using android TV box and Windows PC's and 2nd TV box(necessary since they moved the Satellites beams over 2 years ago ) . I subscribed to Unlocator’s DNS proxy service as they claim to unblocked Geoblocked stuff (UK TV companies mostly).. So..set up on broadband router to serve...
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    Request Best free or cheap VPNS DNS

    Im new to VPNs . I know there are free VPNS, I think Google has one. Does anyone know of any good free VPNs? Or which is a good cheap one? I see nordvpn and privateinternetaccess alot. Also how do you set it up? I am also sure there is a way to create your own vpn or dynamic IP to protect...
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    Beware of PureVPN

    I have heard that Cyber******* caught after PureVPN coughs up logs to FBI A 24-year-old Massachusetts man named as Ryan Lin has been arrested in a Cyberstalking case which in part was brought after one of the largest VPN providers, PureVPN handed over information that linked Lin to his alleged...
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    Request VPN not working with any videos

    Hi, This problem appears to go beyond Kodi, it affects all videos on my box, a new Beeline GT1. With the VPN off, everything works, including Kodi, other stream apps, videos on the web browser, etc. With the VPN on, no videos work from any source, except YouTube and some (but not most) web...
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    Configuring VPN For Kodi

    Hi Everybody.Having some trouble with the latterstages of the configuration.downloaded and installed zomboided no problem.all was fine until i came to the part of listing servers (1-10) and got error message as follows:The OPEN VPN executible isn't working.Check the log and then from a command...
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    Running two VPNs?

    Hi all I have Real Debrid installed on KODI, as suggested. However, I do not have a VPN on my desktop. I think one is necessary the way things are moving today. To my question: Can I run a VPN on my desktop AND use Real Debrid on KODI simultaneousy? Or will the one I install on my computer...
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    I have Expressvpn and I still can't watch any sport anytime on *********** Pro S**rts

    Can anyone tell me what's wrong? I still have a few more days to cancel subscription and send back router. Do I have to erase my firestick and download new TV Addons? Please help.:(
  11. X

    PIA for Kodi Nvidia Shield?

    I see this is the top VPN app for Kodi. I have a NVidis shield and on the Google app store this VPN app is not available. Any ideas? thanks
  12. S

    VPN only on kodi

    Hi, guys Does anyone on of a Vpn setup so it's only used when kodi is running? I am looking for a vpn or a setup for my computer. So when I start kodi it does a vpn via its own application and only kodi data use this vpn, Has anyone got this setup? It is there an application I could use...
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    is IPVanish out of favor?

    IPVanish isn't mentioned any more on the forum and there aren't any ads for it either. Is it out of favor? Is there a better one that's recommended by tvaddons.co or their members? I got it last summer and don't really know to this day if it does anything.
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    Understanding VPN's

    Hi to all on the forum. I was reading about the Premiumize system on your webpage and i hope i am in the right place to mention this.On reading the promo it sounds excellent,but,being a junior member i am (naturally) confused.firstly is it a VPN per-se.how do i operate it.how do i know which...
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    VPN not working??

    Hi everyone With VPN being a must, if you want most out of KODI, you need a VPN to unblock geo-locked streams. BUT (surprise), I need help. Problem: installing a VPN, on a KODI box running Android, is as simple as clicking on the Install button in the Play Store. Once the app is opened, and...
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    OpenVPN with ExpressVPN (OpenVPN executable isn't working)

    I am attempting to set up ExpressVPN in VPN Manager for OpenVPN. I entered my Username and password (same as I log into ExpressVPN online account). When I click on "First VPN Connection" I get the error message "OpenVPN executable isn't working. Check the log then from the commandline prompt...
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    Kodi connecting to my computer

    Hello, I use IPVANISH since yesterday but now I can not get into my computer When I press windows network nothing happens He can not see the workgroup of the computer When I disconnect IPVANISH everything works well. Hope someone can help me with this. Thank in advance markrutte10
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    Request VPN and Kodi

    Hi....I have a VPN running on my computer (win 10) and using a firestick on the TV with kodi. When the VPN is active does that protect the Firestick or just activities on the computer ?
  19. P

    vpn error

    I purchased a sub. for pure vpn and downloaded through metalkettles repository evry thing went good untill I get to setup vpn provider, setup private internet access and I get vpn for open elec error check log??? and cant get to install information. This is on an android kiii box with kodi 17.1
  20. B

    What's the current thoughts on AceStream and VPN's?

    Since AceStream is a torrent, it's vulnerable to copyright infraction. (Correct me if I'm wrong there) So what's the current thoughts on using AceStream? I've personally never bothered to use a VPN with it, and have yet to be caught. But that's only true until it's not. Has anyone ever heard of...