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    Youtube working is not working

    Sign in twice and get every thing until i try to play.Search engine is ok but fails to play.Tried everything on the latest kodi version,i use windows 10 and youtube is one app that i can turn my hair out.Have api key,id and secret and need help .
  2. L

    Pass URL link into Youtube plugin

    Hi all, I have made the following code that pulls links from a Youtube feed, but the feed provided is in .swf format and Kodi can't natively play that. How would I pass this into the Kodi Youtube plugin as I'm assuming that addon can play those types of files? I don't want to use most of the...
  3. S

    YouTube options issue

    Hello I use Kodi Krypton 17 When I play YouTube and using remote control select option “Queue Video” it does not work I.e. it doesn’t play next episode. What could be wrong? Does it work for your? Thanks