2nd Ben Firestick works via original KG TV remote


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Jan 24, 2018
just posting this in case other people are interested.

I plugged my Firestick into the LG (60LA8600) TV's HDMI and it linked up automatically to the TV's remote.
Fortunately, the LG remote has all the necessary media keys (eg - play, stop, et cetera).
Sooo happy as I only need the one remote to operate everything.

I have also replaced the standard charging USB cable with an OTG USB splitter cable and plugged into that a powered USB hub. I can now use a Logitech K400 keyboard and mouse pad (working fine) and have access to a USB flash drive.

All I have to do now is link it up to the new Logitech Elite I am planning on getting - once I figure out how to use the thing. :)


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Nov 21, 2012
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Most new generation TVs will do this now. My Shield works flawlesly on my Samsung TV remote.

NOTE you could also use Peel remote from the play store if you are have and Android phone or tablet to use on your stick. Alternatively, you can also use Yatse remote.
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