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Dec 9, 2013
I haven't seen this but definitely interested in this. An add-on that pulls all my saved favorites from the different add-ons I have. Also would like to have it where it I can organize the favorites into sub folders. One for my wife, one for me, and one for the kids shows/movies we watch. Currently just getting huge list of favorites in each of my add-ons. Also would like to see it say which add-on it is coming through. Is this possible to do?

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Feb 8, 2013
Or how about this for an idea

Edit I should have read the first post more - I guess I am just saying the same thing.

I would love a favorites within favorites - so I could just have an easy way of grouping all my favorites - I can use the categories addon for all the addon's to be grouped - but what I am really after is a similar deal for favorites. So imagine all your favorite say sporting links not being just mixed in with the rest of the favorites, so you could open up favorites and then see a bunch of custom folders with just the links you wanted in them. My vision would be to go into favorites and then be able to pull up the context menu using C then see an option to create a folder within favorites - give it a name and then specify which links from within favorites would go into it. Then the next time you open the favorites menu you would see all your usual favorites + these newly created folders - my ultimate vision for this is one in which each person in my house could have their own favorites within favorites within favorites menu, without having to switch profiles.

So imagine you go into favorites and it say's JOHN's favorites folder / Janet's favorites etc and then you could find the links you wanted in there. Just an idea that maybe some bored DEV might like to try getting to work :)
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