Addons don't work on android box

Tec Diver

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Oct 26, 2019
I have 2 PCs with Windows 7, one with the ultimate the other with professional and I’m running Kodi 18.5 64 bit on both of them. I can watch pretty much everything on them. I also have a TV box with android 8.1 64 bit and with Kodi 18.5 64 bit running on it. I can’t watch anything on it. I open an addon, Ex**us redux or venom; go to movies; go to in theaters; click on any movie and no reaction at all. I try to click on most popular folder movies and no reaction at all; same with all the other folders. I tried changing the settings in the addons and it made no difference. I thought maybe the Kodi install was bed so I did a factory reset of the box and did a fresh install of the Kodi and the addons; no change at all, same result. What else can I try to do to fix this stupid box?
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