Aeon MQ 7 skin on Krypton


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Jul 22, 2014
Vancouver, Canada
I posted this query on the Kodi forums with no response; hopefully someone here can answer my question.

I have the most recent Aeon MQ7 skin loaded in Krypton V17.1 running on a windows 10 machine. Using any add-on (for instance Ex**us) when I choose , let's say 'movies', the list that generates shows several choices; if I move the mouse cursor over the list, the list shoots up to the top and no matter if I move the cursor up or down the list comes down a bit, but if I'm to try and select anything on the list I can't get to the item as the entire list disappears up.

I can use the scroll wheel to bring the list into view and with the up/down keyboard buttons am able to select the highlighted item by pressing the enter key, but rarely using the mouse cursor as the list will disappear up.

I'm using the Aeon MQ5 skin on another machine which has Jarvis on it and the windows 7 OS and on that setup the list are stationary and very easy to navigate.

I've looked in the skin settings but was not able to find a 'fixed' setting for the list.

Please help.....
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