AFTV ES File Explorer Incompatible


New member
Nov 12, 2015
I have recently been looking at buying another fire tv or maybe stick but thought that this time I will install Kodi myself. I did try on my current fire tv box but couldnt use the adbfire because of the firmware version so returned it and bought a pre-installed one.
Anyway I have been reading all sorts of posts about how things have come a long way and there are various methods that can be used now to sideload regardless of the firmware. One of these methods that appeals is using ES File Explorer, last night i decided to see if I could download this through amazon app store on my current device before making a new box purchase only to receive a error stating that the app was incompatible with my device?

Does anyone know of any reason for this, could it be because im in UK and if I purchase a new device would i still have the problem?