AFTV internal temp


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Jun 10, 2014
This might not be a big deal but I've been having minor to moderate issues for awhile. Fresh starts just get me back to slow navigation, crashes on startup and sometimes it takes several clear caches and reboots to get xbmc to launch. Debug is tricky because once it's running it rarely crashes, video is pretty flawless...
Here's one thing a more informed user might recognize as something or nothing at all...

The internal temp of my aftv reads 32°F at all times. I'm running Gotham 13.2 but it still read 32°F when I had SPMC I think.
Obviously the temp is wrong, but can anyone attribute this to anything? You think it's a bad sensor? Or maybe software related?

I'm not stressing over this but would at least like to know if someone else is getting the same reading. If not then maybe I'll explore that further and see if it leads me anywhere.
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