All my channel are disappear without any notive.


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Feb 7, 2021
Hi kody.i just bought the tx6 from someone and i know him from fb as a dealer or supplier according ad he put.I buy for a life time package and he come to install the tx6 on 30 august last year.Now, all setting, channel even my goggle account was disappear and i dont know why.The person were i bought this thing is missing in action (MIA).Can"t contact due the phone number that he give me are not in service.can you help me with this?.Thank you


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Nov 21, 2012
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Sorry but we can't know what he did or didn't do to the box. If you can't get a hold of your seller you will need to redo your box yourself.
We never recommend bying a preloaded box for this very reason. You should learn how to do this yourself so you will never be in this predicament ever again.
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