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May 23, 2014
Hi all.

First let me say it is FANTASTIC that some terrific folks have taken the time and trouble and figured out ways to get XBMC Kodi working with Chromecast, and posted how to do it. It is a very inexpensive device.

Second, I am wondering if I can ask the moderators to change the main subtopics from "Kodi and Chromecast" alone to Kodi and wireless casting or something like that. Why? Well, because there are other standards, some of which are terrific too, such as Intel WiDi, and the new WiFiDirect aka Miracast standard, and the fact that Samsung's AllPlay Cast is also compatible with some of these either sending or receiving.

Perhaps a sticky at the top could state this subtopics is not about Apple Airplay, or Airplay should have it's own sticky disclaimer or redirect.

Phshew, okay, with those out of the way, let me post what I really want to talk about, which is Miracast.

As of time of writing, Chromecast isn't quite Miracast compatible, and doesn't quite support screen mirroring they way Miracast does. Roku is in Beta and their mirroring is even worse. That said, Windows 8.1 has Miracast support "baked right in" and works with MOST (though not all) hardware. Android baked it in 4.2.1 or higher, but hardware support is more hit and miss. And there are "apps" that do similar with software. If you have Intel WiDi (Vista/7/8 and Intel 2/3/4th gen and Intel wireless and Intel graphics all combine to enable it) you can upgrade to Intel WiDi 3.5 and it also adds Miracast support in addition to DLNA. You can project wirelessly in Windows 8.1 baked-in and it allows mirror or extended desktop or external only, and it works great with all the different browsers and windows programs and apps and so on... except... XBMC

I almost need two posts, one for the AllPlay AllShare Cast Miracast WiFiDirect Intel WiDi casting topic overall, and one for... my current "bug" with Miracast and XBMC, which should work great but isn't quite... yet.

Seems because XBMC likes to take over the entire screen AND work somewhat directly with the audio hardware and give the XBMC user the ability to directly configure in it's own settings which audio it should play out of, well, with Miracast on Windows 8.1 with XBMC we get some "buggy" behaviors.

First, it works great for video, but the audio always only comes out of the built-in speakers. That's not true of Windows or browsers surfing YouTube or the apps for TED, Netflix, etch, but just XBMC. People post and say once connected go into XBMC settings and look at the audio settings and try cycling to different output or turn on audio to all, but that doesn't work. Seems like the XBMC is somewhat bypassing or unaware of the output devices when casting output.

Second, picture size gets confused. If one opens XBMC FIRST so it's full screen, and then establish Device > Project > project wirelessly the you get the full screen projecting. However if one establishes Miracast first, and THEN opens XBMC it seems to get confused about screen size, and shows in smaller than full screen, what appears to be 720 on a 1080 desktop. Cycling with \ backslash to go windows vs full screen does not help. (It happens that my Surface Pro 2 is natively 1080)

So, if anyone here has any worthwhile real experiences or solutions for Miracast, I thought it would be nice to have a thread to post them.

I know my complaint would be more of a actual XBMC Kodi issue for "their" forum not a issue for here, but, since you my compatriots here are often at the leading edge of solving all things XBMC Kodi (as evidenced by the Chromecast solutions), I thought I'd ask here.

I could have swore I saw a post in the forums exactly on this point, but now I cannot seem to find it at all. Weird. If anyone knows the programmer at who could fix the issue with the video / audio output controls stack so it works, that too would be most appreciated.

And... yet another standard, WiGig is coming this year, Samsung will be putting it in their flagship devices and Intel in many of theirs
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